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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1 - What is the Entrance Fee to Argentina?
  • As of 1 January 2010, citizens of the United States, Canada, and Australia flying into Argentina must pay an entrance fee (Reciprocity Fee), but this does not apply to travelers arriving by road or sea. For more information, please read this article on the Latin America For Less Travel Blog. American, Canadian, Australian, Albanian, and Mexican nationals must pay a reciprocity fee before arriving at immigration control: United States - USD 160, Canada - USD 132, Australia - USD 61, Albania - USD 30, Mexico - USD 26. Travelers are to pay this fee online before arriving in the country. The fee is payable at Click on the Reciprocity Fee Tab (Tasa de Reciprocidad) which is a secure transaction system. You will then be redirected to pay the fee.

    The fee will be valid for:

    Canadian citizens - Single/ Multiple entry (each one with a different cost). When clients travel from Argentina to Brasil or any other bordering country and then back to Argentina, this will be considered single entry.

    Australian citizens - Multiple entry during one year.

    US citizens - Multiple entry and will have a valid period of 10 years. This period starts the moment the client pays the fee, even if the trip starts a couple of months later.
  • 2 - Is there a departure tax?
  • All passengers must pay the International Airport Use Tax (TUAI) when flying from Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) in Buenos Aires, which includes a departure tax and a security tax. This is paid to the airline when you purchase your ticket. Children under 2 years of age are exempt.
    International: $18 USD, plus $2.50 for security tax
    Regional (Uruguay, etc): $8 USD
    Domestic: $6.05, plus $1 for security tax
    Please note that other airports in Argentina may have different departure tax rates and policies.
  • 3 - Is domestic airfare included in the package and if not how much will total domestic airfare cost?
  • The package does not include domestic flights, but more than 95% of our customers choose to pre-purchase internal flights with us because of the excellent rates we offer. These rates vary seasonally, so just contact one of our travel experts to get a quote for all the necessary internal transfers required for your trip.
  • 4 - How do I book domestic flights?
  • Our competitive rates on domestic flights mean that more than 95% of our clients book their internal transfers through us, so just talk to our sales executives and they will organize the flights for you. Alternatively, you can purchase your own flights online.
  • 5 - Where should I buy my international flights?
  • Although it is not usual for us to book international flights for our clients, this service is available upon request. The best places to book flights are online at or which offer great deals on international travel. We have no relationship with these companies, but we highly recommend them in terms of providing you the best possible service.
  • 6 - Can I book travel insurance with you?
  • Unfortunately we do not offer travel insurance, but we strongly suggest that you are covered for the duration of your stay. We recommend booking your cover with, who are the industry's leading travel insurance providers. Their insurance cover offers coverage for vacation and trip cancellation, travel interruptions and delays, emergency medical and health expenses, lost baggage and more.
  • 7 - What form of currency is best; cash or credit/debit cards?
  • It is best to bring both cash and a credit or debit card. When making payments, it is always better to use cash rather than cards, and money can be withdrawn from secure ATMs which are easily located. The exchange rate on cash is usually better, and it is safer than bringing you card with you when you go out. Payments can also be made in US dollars and dollars/Euros can be easily exchanged at various points throughout the country.
  • 8 - What is the policy on tipping?
  • Tipping culture in South America is discretionary and most South Americans tip very little, if at all. However, remember that in Latin America, what seems like a few dollars for you can mean a lot more for local workers.
  • 9 - What should I pack and what type of luggage should I bring?
  • Rucksacks or backpacks, as opposed to suitcases, are best suited to the type of travel on this tour. Bear in mind you will be mostly carrying your own bags, so ensure your luggage is comfortable and practical. You should also bring a day bag for shorter outings, and have a safe place to keep your travel documents and money.
    Make sure to pack correctly, depending on where and what time of year you are going. If you are travelling to mountainous or southern regions, it can get quite cold, so be sure to bring lots of layers so you can easily put on or take off more clothes as required.
  • 10 - What is the best prevention against altitude sickness?
  • Altitude sickness can be prevented by using medication such as Diamox, or Sorochi or Grovol, which can be bought over the counter in the airports. If you are travelling to high altitude places, such as the Andes, eat light meals and avoid intense physical activity until you have acclimatized, but most people are not seriously affected by the altitude.
  • 11 - What standard of hotel is included in the package?
  • To ensure your stay in Argentina is as comfortable as possible, all our hotels meet U.S. standards and are constantly reviewed by our experts to make sure these standards are maintained.
    They are all centrally located, manned by friendly and efficient staff (a big plus), are clean, spacious and charming and are offered to our clients at the best possible value. All of the hotels are listed with more information on our website, and if there is somewhere you would prefer to stay that we do not offer, just speak to one of our representatives and we can organize the accommodation for you.
  • 12 - Are meals included in the package?
  • Breakfast is included except where otherwise stated. At Argentina On The Go, we prefer to give our clients the choice of eating what and where they want, and there are restaurant recommendations listed on our destination pages offering a great variety of delicious food nationwide.
  • 13 - How do I arrange an optional excursion?
  • Contact your Argentina On The Go representative to organize an optional excursion. If there is something in the region you want to do that we don't offer, let us know and we will organize it for you.
  • 14 - What is the latest I can book?
  • You can reserve your adventure any time up to 10 business days before arrival. Payment in full and all information relevant to your trip will need to be received at least 10 working days before you begin your tour or a late booking fee will apply.
  • 15 - What is the best way to pay?
  • There are a number of payment options available; checks, wire transfers, direct deposits, credit cards and PayPal. Contact your representative for more information.
  • 16 - Does this tour suit single travelers?
  • Definitely. A big part of what we offer is the opportunity to travel and make new friends on the go. We have had many single travelers as part of our group, and they always have a great time.




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