Argentina is a country to be visited all year round. Travelers will find a great variety of fascinating options in the different seasons and regions. This time, in the best AOTG´s style, we have designed a calendar with the most recommended plans for each month of the year.

El Chaltén


Argentina on the go




December 7th, 2021

W hether you like to leave it to chance or you are an adventurer who plans each travel well in advance, here you will find a wide selection of recommendations and reasons for visiting the various natural sceneries in this wonderful country. There are trips to suit every taste!

Picnic – Mendoza

January – Chalten

The greatest highlight in this site is the Fitz Roy Mountain. Imagine going for many kilometers and failing to see it in all its splendor. January is the most suitable time of the year to take it in and go on other tours. The sun shines on the beautiful lakes, revealing their turquoise waters. Even when this site may be visited almost all year round, at this time (summer), the mild temperatures make things much easier for visitors.

Plan: Laguna de los Tres Trekking

Laguna de Los Tres – El Chaltén

February – Ushuaia

Do you ever feel that time is not enough? In summer the longer lasting sunlight may “fool” us a little and enable us to extend some of our plans. In Tierra del Fuego, due to the logical natural effects, the days are much longer, thus making it possible for visitors to hike to the different attractions in this area. Besides, just like in El Calafate and El Chalten, the low temperatures are more tolerable at this time of the year.

Plan: Visit Lake Esmeralda

Laguna Esmeralda – Ushuaia

March – Mendoza

If you are a wine lover, this city welcomes visitors all throughout the year. The Andes and their stunning sceneries offer a special charm in every season. However, February is harvest time, which means that the various wineries offer discounts and promotions on their wines. This way, visitors will be able to witness firsthand one of the most important moments in this region: the harvest and collection of grapes. Definitely, an extraordinary perspective on the production of Argentine wine.

Plan: Visiting wineries by bike and / or participating in the harvest.

The Vines – Mendoza

April – Neuquén

Autumn is a very special time of the year to visit the south of the country. Neuquén is a province with “hidden” attractions such as Salto del Agrio; it is also an ideal point of departure towards the Conguillio National Park, San Martín de los Andes, among other destinations. The colors during this season may be better appreciated along the fascinating roads and the surrounding areas.

Plan: Lanín Volcano Tour

Volcan Lanín – Ushuaia

May – Córdoba

Its rivers, hills, emblematic little towns like La Cumbrecita, or its delicious dishes, are only a few of the reasons for traveling around this province. At this time of the year, visitors will be given a wide offer of hikes and mountain activities. Please note, this is also a destination to be visited all year round. Now, if you prefer milder weather, then this is the best time to go.

Plan: Tour of the authentic Valle de Punilla’s small villages

Valle de Punilla – Cordoba

June – Iguazú

We are halfway through the year, so by now we need a new trip to celebrate that! Any excuse is perfect to take a break away from our daily routine and come to see one of the world´s natural wonders. During this season the weather in the Iguazu Falls is generally more pleasant and there are fewer people than the rest of the year.

Many claim that a two-day stay here should be enough, but truth is that you may make the best of your time and tour some of the neighboring attractions that are part of the Mesopotamian route, such as the Saltos del Moconá, the Route of Mate, Minas de Wanda, among others.

Plan: Full Moon Tour

Cataratas del Iguazú

July – Rosario

If you are looking to get away to a quieter city with a great variety of plans, with many historical and key elements, then Rosario should be on the list. Its historic center, buildings of diverse architectural styles, modern art museums and so on, will simply fascinate you. Santa Fe, the province where Rosario is located, is known –among other things- for its representatives in various sports. Those interested in this issue may also visit the Sport Museum.

Plan: The Inventions Island

Monumento Nacional a la Bandera – Rosario

August – Bariloche

If there is one place that must be visited in every season, that is Bariloche. It is the ideal setting to appreciate any season. This time we have placed it in August, so visitors may enjoy one of its most famous attractions: the winter season. Besides the many snow-related plans, travelers here may engage in an assortment of cultural activities in the city´s most iconic buildings, churches or viewpoints.

Plan: Going skiing.


September – Salta

By this time, diet plans have probably vanished, so why not giving in to the local delicacies?
Salta is one key place when it comes to the greatest culinary pleasures in Argentina. September with its mild temperatures will make it easier for visitors to travel this area. What´s more, Salta is a point of departure towards several routes leading to other attractions in the region.

Plan: Getaway to Purmamarca

Purmamarca – Salta

October – Trevelin

This is the peak of springtime, when the colors of flowers contrast the mountains of the region and create exceptional landscapes. Near Esquel lies the town of Trevelin. Here the fields of tulips come into full force and during this season further ornament this Patagonian scenery. But there is much more to it than that. Visitors in this area may also travel around the neighboring little villages, come close the local culture, visit lakes, forests and live a memorable experience.

Plan: Visit to the Fields of Tulips

Campo de Tulipanes – Trevelin

November – Puerto Madryn

At this point you will be probably considering spending a whole year in Argentina!
Our recommended destination for November is Chubut, more precisely Puerto Madryn, a center of natural tourism that will bring you face to face with nature in an exceptional way.
This site is well-known for the whale-watching tours. However, in November, visitors will be able to sight many more animals: orcas, dolphins, sea lions, penguins and others. If sighting a great diversity of animals is your goal, then November is the perfect time to do it.

Plan: Whale-watching at sunset

Avistamiento de Ballenas – Puerto Madryn

December – Buenos Aires

Also known as the “City of Fury” Buenos Aires boasts a wide selection of cultural and artistic activities all year round. However, as summer approaches the number of events increases. Do not be surprised if you hear about the day of beer, the day of bookstores, the day of pizza, or the day of ice-cream. During November and December, this capital city offers an assortment of outdoor plans that captivate not only visitors but locals too.

Plan: Enjoying a play in one of the theatres along Corrientes Avenue, going for pizza and wandering around the area.

Obelisco – Buenos Aires