Picture yourself out for a long hike, with no signposts on the way. Picture every detail of your destination, or even the travel time…

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Argentina on the go




Apr 5th, 2021


hat’s the feeling of uncertainty that thousands of people all over the planet have when planning their future adventures. Not only are they affected by the political and sanitary decisions of the place they come from, but also by the ones taken in the destination site, along with the nuances of the information available.

At the end of the day, the questions are the same: What happens if I book a trip and then borders are closed? What are the measures currently in force in Argentina? What are the requirements? Will we be kept in quarantine upon arrival? Take it easy! Advantages and opportunities also arise amid uncertainty. Thus it is important to take distance from the situation and responsibly consider the alternatives and benefits of planning your future trip today.

In the following blog we feature Argentina as the perfect candidate for your next holiday, not only because of the economic benefits or the alternatives being developed in terms of tourism security policies, but also because of the discounts, the flexibility when it comes to the organization of the journey, and most importantly, because of the new types of trips developed throughout the country.

Traveler: German Caslini – El Calafate

1. You can make changes at no extra cost

In light of the current situation, travelers are bound to have a number of concerns in terms of dates, travel time, methods of payment, requirements, and the like. But the good news is you can modify your trip as many times as you want or need.

With increasing flexibility in flights and in a great number of the services throughout the trip, you will be able to coordinate your vacation ahead of time and cope with any setback you might encounter.

Though you may not change the future, your decisions today will be reflected tomorrow. Thus once you have decided on the magical destination you would like to visit, make sure the agency of your choice offers travelers the chance to change and modify the trip, in case any Covid19-related issue should affect its development.

With Argentina On The Go you may rely on this and other guarantees, as well as earn and extra discount when booking during this season.

One issue worthy of note: Though usually rates are maintained, some domestic flights, all-inclusive accommodations and cruises have their own policies in that respect.

Now what matters most is finding yourself an excellent service provider who will answer all of your questions, guide you throughout the process and, obviously, be ready and willing to deal with any difficulty that might arise in connection with your trip.

Traveler: Mariano Galindo – North argentine

2. More affordable trips

As everybody knows, the tourism sector is among those harmed the most by the pandemic. According to the figures provided by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), international travel in the Americas declined by 69% in 2020, which translates into a loss of US$935,000 in revenues from international tourism; one of the many facts that reflect the seriousness of this issue.

Even when this means a drawback for providers, the panorama also changes the rules of the game for those who wish to travel. In light of the severe consequences, the travel industry has been forced to reduce its plans of competition in the market. This, in addition to the low demand (due to the high level of uncertainty among users), results in more affordable travel costs. In Argentina, for instance, the price of circuits, hotel and food services are below the pre-pandemic standard level. Now, be on the lookout! Special deals are available for those who decide to book now – with good prospects of attaining a saving of up to 30 % over the rate you would normally pay for these itineraries.

Traveler: Carla – Perito Moreno Glacier

3. Argentina, the right place at any time of the year

Argentina is the only country in South America to have been granted the “Safe Travels” seal by the World Travel and Tourism Council. This feature guarantees the sustainable development of the industry in our country, as well as reflecting the work done – in terms of protocols and measures – by the corresponding authorities. There is one government department that since the pandemic started has worked on the development of safety policies for both providers and travelers.

Argentina offers a myriad of opportunities and the perfect match between culture, vacations, nature and breathtaking sceneries all year round. Regardless of the season – bearing in mind the necessary changes – the broad selection in this country will enable travelers to discover different sites – each with its own and unique charm – at any time of the year. The climate will not be an obstacle when booking your trip.

Traveler: Humberto Fallas – Ushuaia

4. New trips and ways of traveling around Argentina

Looking at it more introspectively, the pandemic has compelled many to visit some places they would not have visited otherwise, and it has led the passionate travelers to reinforce their decision to travel, enjoy and live their lives to the full. The connection with the environment may be experienced in unique spaces across the country.

The current scenario has opened the door to new destinations and new ways of traveling. One example of this is the self-drive trips, which offer the chance to go for a car ride along the many roads of the country, while relishing each nook and corner of the journey and the majesty and uniqueness of each of the country´s landscapes; all of this while moving on to a new fantastic site. Itineraries are designed to suit all tastes, always with the “driver at the wheel” in mind.

Now, let´s not forget the adventure! Hills, valleys, glaciers, mountains, and dreamlike roads are all awaiting your visit. The recovery of the sector will certainly bring about a greater offer. It goes without saying that national parks, hotels, tourism providers and agencies have had plenty of time to improve their services, reshape experiences and enhance every single journey.

As many times before in history, tourism has proved to be a resilient sector of the economy.

Traveler: Mauro Marianeschi – Quebrada de las Flechas

5. Sustainable Tourism

By the time the pandemic started, several agencies had already been playing a significant role in the development of a more sustainable tourism. Quoting the words of the United Nations: “The Covid19 pandemic has created an opportunity to rethink the future of the travel and tourism sector as well as the way in which the latter contributes to the goals of sustainable development, through its social, cultural, political and economic values”.

A scenario in which the needs of both the travelers and the host regions protect and foster the origin of new opportunities in the different regions. Just as described by the WTO: an avenue towards the management of resources which will allow for the fulfilment of not only the economic but also the social and the aesthetic requirements, without neglecting the cultural integrity, the ecological processes, diversity, etc.

The minute you decide and plan your trip ahead of time you automatically become part of that change, of that new way of traveling in which, along with social distancing and the care for the integrity of those involved, the destination is appreciated in a responsible way.

In Argentina this can be experienced in diverse sites when choosing trips that offer a connection with nature and with oneself…Immerse yourself in the stunning Patagonia landscape, be amazed by the beautiful colors of the North, or you simply go on a tour of the best wineries and vineyards in Mendoza and witness the Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America.

Photo: Dmitry – Ushuaia

We have the best choice for you

If you have reached this far down the article, you are definitely looking forward to a new journey.

The great diversity of landscapes across an extensive land area of over 2.78 million km2 offer you a host of possibilities to get away from it all: deserts, glaciers, forests, rivers, mountains…. A wide range of unique alternatives.

In addition to the attractive selection of sites, Argentina On The Go has a highly qualified and motivated team who will be ready to deal with all of your queries and concerns. Each member of the staff will provide you with all the guarantees you need when choosing your destination in the different provinces of Argentina: what can or cannot be modified, how to plan your vacation, together with the best recommendations you need to turn your uncertainty into the best trip of your life.