Not just for the sake of feasting on unique delicacies, but also because food will help you delve deeper into the origins and traditions of the Argentine people.

Carrito Parrillero en la Costanera


Argentina on the go




January 20th, 2023

O ur first recommendation? Look around and see what happens while you go about your meals in this fabulous metropolis.

Asado in a local bodegón (family restaurant)

Our first stop will be in one of the city’s barrios. Though Buenos Aires boasts a wide selection of eateries, nothing compares to a local bodegón when it comes to tasting asado while witnessing the day to day life of the locals, away from the most touristy areas of the city. Belgrano, Colegiales and Palermo are some of the neighborhoods offering this kind of spot where you are invited to indulge in an exquisite Argentine-style dish.

El Pobre Luis – Belgrano

Going for a picnic

Buenos Aires has a host of parks and green spaces where you can enjoy some time, take a break and share a picada (finger food) – cheese, cold cuts, tomatoes, snacks – and your favorite drink, all in good company. Whether it is Bosques de Palermo (the most popular by far), or the least crowded areas, you are sure to find the comfort and relaxation you are looking for. And while at it, why not watch the locals doing some reading, walking their dogs, taking dancing lessons, drinking mate, or simply on a picnic just like yourself.

Bosques de Palermo

Fernet in Cañitas

Being one of the favorite drinks among locals, virtually every bar in the capital features it on the menu. However, we encourage visitors to sample their very first Fernet in one of the most charming and posh neighborhoods in the city. Its name, Cañitas.

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Las Cañitas

Coffee on a Rooftop with a view

When touring the many cafes in the city you will likely notice that, regardless of the time or day of the week, there are always groups of friends spending time together over something to drink. Buenos Aires is home to options for all tastes and budgets. Yet, for those looking for quality food and drinks in a space with the most awesome views of this city, we recommend some of the most prestigious hotels, such as Alvear, Hotel Madero, or Palacio Barolo, all of which feature rooftop bars with unparalleled panoramic views of the metropolis.

Crystal Bar – Alvear Icon Hotel

Care for an empanada?

If you wish to find a mix of local dishes as well as a taste of other international options and, while you are at it, learn something about the history of the city, then the Mercado de San Telmo is the place to stop by. Within this antique roofed market in the picturesque barrio of San Telmo, visitors may feast on delicacies that go from empanadas salteñas to Spanish tapas, Asian dishes, as well as more local recipes.

Mercado de San Telmo

Chori on the Costanera (the riverfront)

This is a plan filled with truly local customs. You may have heard about the Argentine chori – short for choripan or chorizo in a sandwich. Wish to know where to get the very best? If you ask a local, they will surely send you to one of the many stands on the riverfront, or Costanera, another lovely green space in the city that we encourage you to see.

Costanera Sur

A stroll along Echeverría

When it comes to enjoying the city’s great culinary diversity in its full glory, you can’t miss one of the most versatile and fun areas in that matter. We are talking about Pasaje Echeverría, an alley that lies right behind the Belgrano C train station and only a few meters from the Barrio Chino. This trendy space is home to beer houses, wineries, as well as restaurants serving the best Japanese food in the city. The great variety of food options may be enjoyed at a table on the sidewalk, while the music and the ambiance will make you feel at home.

A stroll along Echeverría

Other interesting facts…

– The magic of the 29th! Traditionally, every month on the 29th, most Argentine households will have gnocchi either for lunch or dinner, sometimes even in the company of relatives and friends.

– Ice-cream on demand! Ice-cream stores tend to close pretty late in the city, which means you may order some regardless of the time.

– Locro (a thick, hearty stew), another dish you are bound to come across if you happen to be visiting a traditional restaurant during the national festivities.