Mid November saw the end of Argentina On The Go’s tour of the most renowned travel fairs in the Old Continent. Italy, Switzerland and England were the venues chosen for these global encounters on tourism and travel trade.

AOTG – Salone Internazionale Svizzero delle Vacanze


Argentina on the go




December 1st, 2023

W e feel grateful for this unique opportunity to meet travelers in person and together, co-create memorable adventures around Argentina.
These events were also the perfect spaces for our interaction with colleagues from different parts of the world. Not only did we learn about current trends but we were also able to share our experience and legacy within a context where innovation reigns supreme.

What was our itinerary?

We made our first stop in Rimini, an enchanting Italian town that hosted the TTG Travel Experience from October 11 to October 13. According to official numbers, over 2,700 brands from more than 62 countries took part in this event. There was also a nearly 20% rise in the number of attendees when compared to the year before.

It goes without saying, the contact with the visitors was what we most valued from the whole tour. The face-to-face encounter made it possible for us to learn about their needs and preferences and answer their queries on the spot.

AOTG – TTG Travel Experience

Next stop!

The charming city of Lugano (Switzerland) was the venue for yet another fascinating fair – an event that brought together an array of exhibitors from across the planet. A large part of the 12, 500 people attending the Salone Internazionale Svizzero delle Vacanze managed to approach our stand and consider Argentina and Chile as their next destination. In Argentina On The Go, we will gladly follow up the process and answer all possible queries to those who were tempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean and meet us again, be that in Argentina or in Chile.

AOTG – Salone Internazionale Svizzero delle Vacanze

Welcome to London!

Between November 6 and November 8 we had the honor to be part of the World Travel Market London 2023. Besides the rewarding experiences from our interaction with peers and visitors alike, we enjoyed the presence of spokespeople for our country’s tourism entities, a group led by Ricardo Sosa, the Executive Secretary in Inprotur.

In Sosa´s words to our national media, “The beginning of the fair was marked by the strong interest of foreign tour operators to sell Argentine tour packages. The bottom-line results were more than satisfactory: business people from countries like The United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Rumania, Bulgury, The Lebanon and The Philippines met the Argentine DMC’s to generate business partnerships”.

AOTG – World Travel Market (WTM) London

Our distinguishing features

● We have over 15 year’s experience in the the field
● We participate in international fairs with innovative products, on a yearly basis
● We promote Sustainability
● We offer package holidays in Argentina and Chile
● Local knowledge is our main pillar
● Our trips are tailored to suit our travelers needs and wants