Get to know about Argentina On The Go’s major partnerships with some of the most prominent businesses around the world.

Mauro Marianeschi & Mariano Galindo – Founders of Argentina On The Go


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Nov 27th, 2023

O ver its more than 15 years in the travel industry, AOTG has built numerous friendships with in-destination agents and businesses who share not only the same taste for local travel and experiences but also a huge sense of care for the places we visit.

Being able to “take” Argentina to many parts of the world is both a great honor and an enormous responsibility for us. We are aware of our share in each of the travelers’ dreams and time, and thus of the importance of teaming up to this end.

Here are some of our partners – the bridge between the most special adventurers and us. These alliances just go to show the agency’s experience and know-how when it comes to crafting custom trips for those who look to travel around Argentina and/or Chile.


Mariano Galindo

Another company that works with local operators. Our profile on the platform enjoys exceptional prestige: a 4.8 out of a 5 star rating, nearly 200 reviews and hundreds of dreams come true with the world-class standard trips in which adventure has a central role.

Mariano Galindo


Mauro Marineschi

One of the most renowned companies on Earth in the realm of agencies and travel. The profile of one of our Argentina On The Go’s directors further proves the agency’s professionalism. We have been members for over 12 years and boast a wonderful score as well. “Argentina completo” and Patagonia are two of the most outstanding tours.

Mauro Marianeschi


Last but not least, another group we are proud to be working with is Travellocal, whose flagship- as its name suggests- is local travel. And though creating this type of trip may seem “easy”, it actually requires thorough planning. Not surprisingly, our experience and the testimonies of hundreds of travelers place us as distinguished agents on their website, when it comes to tourism in Argentina.

How to make direct contact with a local operator in Argentina.

Our official website offers information not only about the diverse travel options and destinations, but also about the agency’s directors and each of the operators.

We can also be reached through our LinkedIn profiles:

Mariano Galindo

Mauro Marianeschi