This past July, the renowned Catena Zapata was crowned the number one vineyard in the world to visit by the World’s 50 Best Vineyards awards. This international renown naturally fills everyone with pride. “It is such a pleasure to see so many Argentine vineyards on the Top 50”, Laura Catena- Catena Zapata’s CEO- confessed during the award ceremony.

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Sept 15th, 2023

F ounded in Mendoza back in 1902, this prestigious wine estate boasts more 100-point wines than any other in the continent, which speaks of its quality, tradition and knowledge within the realm of wines. What makes Catena Zapata so special?
The rebirth of the Malbec variety was, and still is, the vineyard’s undisputed flagship.

“Catena Zapata has set a lead in Argentina’s winemaking industry. It has played a key role in the revival of Malbec and pushed vineyards in Mendoza to higher altitudes at the foot of the Andes, while carrying out an in-depth study of the diverse terroirs in the country. The family has even founded the Catena Institute of Wine, where each plot of land, along with its rocks and microorganisms and their effects on the grapevine are scientifically examined”, stated Laura Catena.

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For those who wish to have a first-hand experience of this product, its history and identity, this award-winning wine estate is probably the most outstanding choice. Its success does not only rely on the founders’ vision, but also on their valuable knowledge being passed on from generation to generation. Always with one goal in mind: having the world appreciate the value of Argentine wines. Behind each vineyard bearing the name of the family, each groundbreaking project and each prize awarded there lies a unique essence which can be perceived with every harvest.

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How is the best vineyard selected?

The meticulous selection of the best vineyard in the world includes contenders from over 22 countries. Each region features a panel of 36 experts in wine and tourism who, anonymously, visit the different wine estates. The over 500 judges nominate seven vineyards with a certain score. Eventually, the establishment with the highest score is selected as the best. The whole process takes two years.

Argentina, an international market leader

The country boasts not only the greatest vineyard on Earth. Another five Argentine wine establishments were included in the contest, with outstanding results: Salentein (9th), El Enemigo (10th), Finca Victoria (13th), Bodega Colomé (24th), and Bodega Diamandes (48th). France, Portugal, New Zealand and Spain were only some of the rival countries participating in the competition.

Casa Vigil – Gran Enemigo wine

Would you like to visit one or more vineyards?

In most cases it is best to book a date and time in advance. In AOTG we can help travelers customize their itineraries so they include one or more visits to the vineyards and rest assured everything is taken care of by our professional team.