In its latest 2023 edition, World Travel Awards distinguished Bariloche as the top location for a honeymoon. This awards programme comprises a variety of categories, and for the most romantic trips of your life, Argentina boasts two amazing destinations on the top five.

Correntoso Hotel – Bariloche


Argentina on the go




October 3rd, 2023

I n today’s post, we would like to walk you through some of the advantages of choosing Bariloche for such a special celebration, and why not making a stop in the capital city as well.


You may visit this southern city at any time of the year and find unique sceneries in each season. Be it springtime, with its iconic vegetation enhancing the most special moments; or summer, with its stunning lakes to swim in or simply contemplate; or the “out-of-a-fairy-tale” warm shades and colors of autumn; or winter, with its snow-covered landscapes and the chance to savor a mug of hot chocolate while taking in the beauty of the place in the company of the person you most love. You name it.


Regardless of the time of the year, Bariloche offers a wide range of activities that are likely to create memorable experiences.The aroma of chocolate as you roam the city’s streets, the possibility to stay away from the noise and come close to the peace and quiet of nature, and even the chance to go sailing and reach another country in a matter of hours.

Moreno Lake – Bariloche


The wide array of lodging options is another major plus in this city. Bariloche and the surrounding cities are home to spaces that beautifully combine nature, local materials and architecture. Not surprisingly, Las Balsas Relais & Chateaux and Charming Luxury Lodge & Private Spa were also awarded by World Travel Awards 2023.

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Las Balsas – Bariloche


Stopping by a teahouse, going for a hike on the mountains or around the lakes, relaxing in the best spas in the region, enjoying a visit to nearby towns like San Martín de los Andes or Villa La Angostura, or even discovering some treasure troves like Villa Traful, the submerged forest, or Isla Corazón. That’s right, Bariloche hosts a heart-shaped island. You can’t get anything better than that, can you?


Buenos Aires, two-in-one.

The capital city was awarded the second place in the ranking of the best destinations for a honeymoon, outdoing Cartagena, Galápagos and Rio de Janeiro. For that reason, we encourage honeymooners to stop by the always vibrant Buenos Aires and indulge in the city’s superb cuisine, experience its wealth of cultural attractions and, while at it, sightsee in the metropolis from various perspectives, each with a special ambiance of its own.

Puerto Madero – Buenos Aires

Argentina On The Go

While you may have your tailor made trip, in AOTG we have put together a 14-day itinerary across Argentina, which includes destinations like Mendoza, the Iguazu Falls, Patagonia and Northern Argentina. A circuit that caters for all tastes. This is your trip, your honeymoon, your own story. We will be there to guide you and help you make your dream trip come true.

Honeymoon in Argentina


14 Days

Some tips to help you plan your honeymoon…

1. Learn about the kind of trip and activities you will be engaging in ahead of time.
2. Choose a date well in advance, weighing up issues like the weather and estimated time in each destination.
3. Team up with our agents to consider and decide on the many options available. Next, leave all the arrangements in their hands, so you make the most of this trip without worrying about the details.
4. If you have chosen to celebrate by traveling and are planning to book your trip with us, then you are on the right track!