Deciding on the best bars and restaurants in Buenos Aires for our post is no easy task. Not only because each traveler has their own taste and preference, but also because this capital boasts a varied and delicious gastronomic choice.

Cielo Sky Bar – Buenos Aires


Argentina on the go




May 06th, 2022

W hat were the criteria we used? Besides beef or fernet – two traditional examples when it comes to discussing this topic- we have also added information about some spots that offer adventurers a bonus. These are places where, as well as eating and drinking something nice, visitors may have a different outlook on Buenos Aires and the way nightlife here is enjoyed when sharing with others in a good restaurant or bar.


Mercado de San Telmo

Location: Bolívar 970

This is the ideal starting point for those who seek a general and flavor-packed perspective. This indoor marketplace in San Telmo was inaugurated in 1897. It was created as a site to supply produce to people in light of the new immigration wave at the time. Since then it has preserved its original structure and iconic decoration and has in time become a gastronomic market. Today there is a great number of food stalls serving pasta, meat, vegetables, Korean food, wines, coffee, tapas and empanadas. Such a tasty welcome!

Mercado de San Telmo


Location: El Salvador 5783

In the heart of Palermo neighborhood this is a gem where visitors may savor Argentine-Japanese food in one fine dining establishment. The original dishes speak for themselves. Namida is the perfect place to understand the country´s multiculturalism and the consequent impact on our country´s cuisine. Don´t miss it!

Namida Restaurant

Jardín del Invierno

Location: Av Santa Fe 750

Traces of different architectural styles can be seen all over the city. In Jardín de Invierno, visitors may enjoy a combination of a premium menu and the always majestic French style of the palace. This establishment features diverse spaces where to eat, and serves dishes at midday, in the afternoon and in the evening.

Jardín del Invierno Restaurant

Tango Show

Location: Balcarce 431

What better “condiment” for your dish than a tango show? This romantic and passionate musical genre will accompany your dinner at Tango Show. The perfect plan to close your trip and bid farewell to your time in Argentina in the most exciting way. This superb establishment of great architectural wealth features first-class artists and dishes that rise to the occasion.

Tango Show Restaurant


Location: Loyola 1250

Based in Villa Crespo neighborhood, this is certainly the most recommended vegan option. This space makes the most of local flavors to create unique and fascinating dishes. At Chuí the creativity goes very well with the restaurant´s pleasant open space.

Chuí Restaurant

El pobre Luis

Location: Arribeños 2393

Take it easy! Barbecue and good beef will not be left out and, though we will be dealing with this specialty more thoroughly in another post, this time we will be talking about one big favorite when it comes to savoring Argentine delicacies.

Set in a lovely area of the city, El Pobre Luis offers a very Argentine-style setting where to taste its succulent and varied menu which includes, of course, the most popular beef cuts.

El Pobre Luis Restaurant


Obelisco Cielo Sky Bar

Location: Cerrito 180

The rooftop at the Gran Brizo Hotel boasts one of the most breathtaking views in the capital. Visitors here will be able to take pleasure not only in the fabulous drinks and tapas, but also in one of the best open-air views over the most emblematic symbols in Buenos Aires city: the majestic Obelisk. As the sun goes down, this porteño icon shines more brightly before the gaze of locals and adventurers who admire it for the first time.

Cielo Sky Bar


Location: Arévalo 2030

The theme bars are another stronghold of Buenos Aires´ nightlife. And though it is hard to choose only one, Uptown is definitely a must see. Here the experience starts at the entry, which is decorated to resemble a New York subway station. The combination between the two cultures, the local cocktails and the fantastic music turns Uptown into a one-of-a-kind space.

Uptown Bar

Atis Bar

Location: Perú 1024, San Telmo

Our next stop on the list is Antis Bar, a magical spot in the heart of the iconic San Telmo neighborhood where visitors may savor a variety of delicacies surrounded by a unique atmosphere. Its decoration is sponsored by nature, with the premises embellished by the vines climbing up the walls and offering a different color each season.

Atis Bar

Florería Atlántico

Location: Arroyo 872

This difficult selection comes to an end with Florería Atlántico. Its many titles and international prizes as one of the best 50 bars in the world should suffice to convey the glory of this space. However, we would like to share some other other clues with you.

When walking into the florería (flower shop)….Flower shop? Yes, that´s right! This shop has a secret door that leads visitors to the most valued destination in here: the basement bar. This original setting serving high quality drinks is an ideal space to live one memorable night in the company of your partner, friends or family.

Florería Atlántico


– While there is a wide selection of bars and restaurants in the city, most of them open at 8 pm. However, many other spaces are open to the public and serve lunch as well.
– Please bear in mind that Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days at these places.
– Remember to book a table in advance, as these are highly popular spots.
The bars offer an interesting menu, so if you wish you may sample diverse dishes while having a nice drink or two.