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May 6th, 2024

D on’t be surprised when, on arrival in Argentina, our staff welcomes you with a carton of water. Our sustainability team endeavors to ensure that every single detail and element in your trip denotes responsibility and is in line with the values AOTG upholds.

These are small yet steady steps that come to complement the agency’s environmental project, while looking to also promote initiatives like KO Agua’s.
In this regard, we spoke with Sabrina Lo Mónaco, who works in this company’s Sustainability Department. She walked us through some of the details of this project.

How was KO Agua created?

KO Agua was developed as an alternative to plastic bottles, with a view to minimizing the environmental impact, by significantly reducing the amount of gas emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

What is KO Agua exactly? How would you define the brand’s essence for both locals and foreigners?

We are the first brand of boxed water in Argentina. Our product comes in a groundbreaking container made from the Tetra Pack packaging material, which has several benefits in terms of its exposure to diverse temperatures, its durability and, perhaps most importantly, its recycling capability. Our containers may be 100% recycled and converted into different furniture items, such as tables, chairs, desks, among others.


What other sustainability projects do you have?

We wish to raise people’s awareness when it comes to both consumption and post consumption. With that in mind, we offer all our customers information through our social platforms as well as through our training classes in specific spaces like schools, hotels and companies, which is where we are currently focusing our sales on.

What do you think that we are bringing your product to travelers from all over the world?

While it is true that most foreigners are familiar with this type of product, we see this as an excellent opportunity, both for you and for us. We know for certain that foreigners are perfectly aware of the consequences of drinking water from plastic bottles, which is why it is so important for them to have the chance to choose a different alternative when they arrive in our country.

5 Eco- friendly tips to travelers arriving in Argentina

– Use natural resources sparingly.
– Make sure you do not interfere with the flora and fauna of the destination
– If you create litter, drop it into the corresponding bins.
– Try to reduce your consumption and the use of plastic, whenever possible.
– Make use of public transport in the city. You may even estimate the carbon footprint and offset it, for example by planting trees, through programs to reduce carbon emissions, and so on.


Three magical places KO Agua may recommend to those who seek to know Argentina ‘s natural wealth.

Perito Moreno Glacier – Santa cruz

Iguazu Falls – Misiones

El Hornocal – Jujuy


It is a great honor for us to engage in initiatives like the one presented here today.

What about you? What else do you think we could do in our pursuit of more responsible travels? We would love to read your suggestions at info@argentinaonthego.com