Argentina boasts a surface area of nearly 2.78 million square kilometers, which is why its vastness, variety and natural wealth are indisputable. When it comes to wine, Argentina -with its wide range of soil and climate types -among many other factors- surprises throughout its territory.

Vineyard – Córdoba


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January 27th, 2023

I n past blog posts we have shared some tips with our readers on how to pair wine with different dishes, as well as information about the major regions where it is produced in the country, and the most outstanding features of each varietal.

Today, however, we would like to shine a spotlight on an Argentine province which – unlike Mendoza or Cafayate, the natural icons of wine in Argentina- is rarely associated with this beverage.

Where are we heading to? This time our final destination will be Córdoba, one of the most fascinating provinces which, besides its rivers and green landscapes, has so much more to offer.

Welcome to an amazing tour of some of the most prominent wineries in the region!

Córdoba´s Wines: Main Features

The characteristics of the soil – above sea level, a wide temperature range, annual rainfalls and a great amount of sunlight- give rise to biodynamic wines like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, among several others, depending on the winery.

Beyond these technical factors, there is one special “condiment” that simply fascinates travelers, and that is the natural setting in which these wineries lie. Córdoba is a vibrant destination, home to hills and sierras, rivers and streams, along with towns filled with captivating stories. For this reason, we believe it is well worth bringing together the best of wine with this scenery in just one trip.

San Javier – Córdoba

Las Jarillas Inn & Noble de San Javier Winery – San Javier

Located in the Valle Traslasierra- the setting where the region’s top wines are produced, the lovely lodge and the winery offer visitors the unique chance to be close to nature and experience firsthand the process of specialty winegrowing.

Among the best attractions in this spot are the inn’s rooms with their stunning views of the valley and the vineyards, as well as the winery’s most outstanding wines: Blend 2019, Reserva 2017, and Champaqui Malbec 2018.

Viñedo Bodega San Javier

La Matilde – San Javier

Still in San Javier, we reach this biodynamic “comarca” or community, which features options for all tastes. With wine as the main star, La Matilde offers guided visits, trekking tours, as well as a restaurant, a winery and accommodation in a country house and a rural inn. The latter is the comarca’s “jewel”, which has since it was built given special prominence to the setting and the preservation of the environment, combining comfort and sustainability with the beautiful rural style of the place.

Nestled also in the Valle Traslasierra, a few meters from Cerro Champaquí, La Matilde stands out for the growing and trading of 100% organic and biodynamic produce. The orchard is open to the public. Visitors may also have access to the winery and indulge in some wine tasting.

La Matilde

Del Gredal Winery

Located in Northern Córdoba, the innovative Del Gredal has become one of the most outstanding wineries in the region. Some of the big favorites among visitors include the Misitorco wines – a blend of Malbec (50%), Bonarda (25%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (25%)- and the Quishca ( Malbec Rose).

San Pedro Norte’s soils are rich in carbonate and calcium, and their aridity, along with the many elements mentioned before, like the wind, the hills and the climate conditions, all contribute to the singularity of this Cordobés wine. However, it is also worth mentioning that the history of the province, the earliest indigenous communities and the inhabitants, also play an important role in the essence of Del Gredal’s products.

The Gredal Wines

Chapaqñan Hotel – Villa Rumipal

This boutique hotel facing the Villa Rumipal Lake offers an exclusive view combined with exquisite products. The coziness, comfort and beauty of the facilities are only the starting point of this culinary and wine-tasting adventure. From this hotel, visitors are encouraged to engage in the Valle de Calamuchita Wine Tour to further learn about the characteristics and wealth of wines in this magical province.

Champaña Hotel

Some interesting facts…

– The distances in this region are shorter and the roads feature spectacular sceneries to contemplate while traveling. Remember to check the best alternatives for your route with your Argentina On The Go agent.
– Near these wineries and hotels, travelers will have access to a variety of lakes, rivers, cascades and charming little towns to include in their itineraries.
– One prominent option in the region’s cuisine is the “alfajor”, whose flavor and texture greatly differ from the ones made in Buenos Aires. They are worth sampling.