The fall is almost here, and with it the dream landscapes that take us to a new reality. One theory has it that the word autumn derives from the Latin “autumnus,” which means “the plenitude of the year is coming”. Indeed, such expression clearly describes what the colors of this season convey.

Perito Moreno Glacier


Argentina on the go




Feb 22nd, 2022

A somehow mythical transition between summer and winter, this season evokes feelings of nostalgia and surrounds us with unparalleled beauty. More so when you are visiting a new place. For that reason, in our post today we will be presenting only a few of the many motives for discovering Argentina during this lovely time of the year. Are you ready?

Its colors

We can´t help but start by this motive. The colors of the fall are loaded with a myriad of sensations. Its hues perfectly contrast with the sceneries of all the regions in this country, especially in Patagonia, where the white of the glaciers is further embellished by the season´s red, yellow and orange colors, highlighting the landscape and creating dreamlike views.

El Calafate

The cost

It is not all about the majesty and beauties of the season; the costs of traveling play an important role too. And for good reason! The cost of visiting at this time of the year can be up to 30% lower than in summer or winter – depending on the destination -, which means you will be in not only for stunning landscapes, but also for the best rates!

Peace and Quiet

The autumn (from March thru June) is seldom a busy time for tourism, which implies fewer visitors and thus the necessary calm to be able to take pleasure in the different attractions. Holidays are ideally tantamount to relaxation, but also to adventure and the discovery of new destinations. What could be better than doing so at a quiet time, in a quiet place?

Northern Argentina

The north of our country is one of the most popular and outstanding meeting points for adventurers from all over the world. Its unique cuisine and breathtaking sceneries turn the North into an ideal destination. However, for many, the weather may be an unexpected “rival” during the other seasons: the high temperatures and heavy rains in summer or the low temperatures in winter, for example. In contrast, the autumn offers a stable climate with mild temperatures, and is thus the ideal context to make the most of each of the proposals.


And what about Patagonia?

Unlike what most people think, this region tends to offer mild weather conditions during the fall as well. The average temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in El Calafate and in Ushuaia. In spite of the unpredictable weather conditions even in summer, the autumn is a pleasant time to take pleasure in all the different tours without restrictions.

El Chaltén

Trekking trails

As mentioned before in this post, this time of the year is probably the least busy with visitors. For this reason, the hikes become more enjoyable: the fewer people, the more time you will have to take in each natural and cultural landscape you may choose on your trip.


No wonder this is also the grape harvest season. Thus, if you are planning on visiting vineyards in Mendoza or in other areas of the country during March or April, get ready to witness and enjoy an event in which magic starts making its own contribution to produce one of the best wines in the planet.


Regardless of the time of the year you may choose to make your trip, you will encounter a wide selection of culinary options throughout the country. However, you should bear in mind that both the summer and the winter may make it harder for you to indulge yourself in the many options available. In the fall, visitors may savor some hot chocolate in a tea house in Bariloche, taste locro in Northern Argentina- without worrying about the hot temperatures-, and also delight in the most delicious artisan ice-cream wherever they go.