Today we explore some of the vastness of this Argentine region through two wonderful documentaries.


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April 24th, 2024

W ith the Andes bordering this territory, these mountains and formations are part of one of the selections most sought-after by those who admire and/or practice alpine climbing: Aconcagua (6,962 meters), Ojos del Salado (6,893 meters), Pissis (6,795 meters), Bonete Chico (6,759 meters) or Tres Cruces (6,749 meters), are only some of the most outstanding names within this elite group.

While most travelers engage in activities adapted to the public at large, like trekking, kayaking or horseback rides around these enchanting sceneries, professional mountaineers take their excursions to literally a whole new level.

With the hope to come closer to the emotions of those in the latter group and to the unique views that their profession brings for them, today we will briefly describe two documentaries set in Patagonia that depict not only the immense beauty of the place, but also its magnificence and the power of nature in all its glory.

Name: The Alpinist

Platform: Netflix

The Alpinist is a captivating documentary on Netflix that narrates the journey of Marc-André Leclerc, a well-known alpinist whose ultimate goal is to climb the highest altitudes in the world. The director of this audiovisual project followed him for two years to capture his ascents, and Patagonia becomes one of the breakpoints of this athlete’s deeds.

Name: Cerro Torre

Platform: RedBull

Cerro Torre, which is deemed by many as the most dangerous and extreme peak on Earth, reappears on the world stage. This time, with RedBull as its maker. A 2013 documentary that also takes us on a journey to the majesty of this place- a whole new way to discover and explore this region of the country.

This fascinating production features renowned climbers David Lama and Peter Ortner as they climb their way up the southeast face of Cerro Torre. The takes look like something that would come out of a dreamscape, carrying viewers to one of the most epic destinations ever.

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