Join us on this photographic journey across some of the most stunning spots in Argentina

Purmamarca – Santiago Gomez


Argentina on the go




May 4th, 2023

T oday, we embark on an adventure in the company of Santiago Gomez, a keen photographer and traveler whose images will be taking us on a tour to the off-the-beaten-path city of Paraná, as well as some more popular destinations across the country.


Santiago defines this city as the key place that prompted him to choose his profession: Parana is naturally linked to his childhood and his most profound memories. It is where he learnt how to “train his eye” in the realm of photography; it is the natural scenario to continue capturing memorable moments.

Paraná – Santiago Gomez

How do you combine traveling and photography?

“I travel with the aim of taking photos, this is my way of bringing my two passions together. They are the perfect excuse to come close to nature while I connect with myself. First, I took up photography, and once I was fully into it, I started traveling. I was drawn by the urge to see new places and capture them with my camera. I prefer traveling by motorbike, but any other way of moving will do for me too”.

Which places in Paraná city and its surroundings are on your Top List?

“When in the city, you shouldn’t miss the riverfront and Urquiza Park, the latter with a lush vegetation and a unique view to the River Paraná. A few kilometers from there lies San Martín Park, a wildlife reserve that features a creek and some trails surrounded by a wealth of flora and fauna. Last but not least, I suggest stopping at La Juanita, which is a coastal setting for fishermen that offers the best sunsets.

Tell us about your favorite photos in Argentina. What makes them so special to you?

“Each picture has its own little story or anecdote behind. But without the shadow of a doubt, the photos of El Chaltén lead in the ranking, as they were part of my first photographic trip. It was a mind blowing experience!

El Chaltén – Santiago Gomez


Another picture I am really fond of is the one of the Milky Way with the capybara in the foreground. Each time I take a look at it, I feel as if this creature were trying to show me the landscape. I remember I was trying to make a picture of the palm trees and the stars in total darkness when, suddenly, I heard a noise. I switched on the flashlight, and there was the capybara. So that’s how it came to be.

Carpybara – Santiago Gomez

Ibera Marshlands

This photo of the Milky Way was taken by the bridge that leads to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, in the Iberá Wetlands. Here I got the chance to witness the best night sky I have ever seen so far. It was simply astonishing!

Ibera Marshlands – Santiago Gomez

Salto Dos Hermanas

This picture shows Salto Dos Hermanas, in the Iguazú Falls. That day I was surrounded by a huge crowd of tourists, but I didn’t mind. I took out my tripod, and managed to shoot this sought-after picture. Surely enough, another big favorite for me.

Salto Dos Hermanas – Santiago Gomez

Payún Liso Volcano

Here is a perfect image of the Payún Liso Volcano, in the La Payunia Provincial Reserve, in Mendoza. I felt as if I were on another planet, standing on a ground covered by black volcanic lava, in the middle of a desolate and silent setting, the wind was all I could hear. It was such a magical experience. Looking at this picture I somehow revive the sensations of that day.

Payún Volcano – Santiago Gomez

Northern Argentina

When my partner and I traveled to Northern Argentina, I was not planning to shoot any photos. I was looking forward to enjoying the journey like any other tourist. Yet, I couldn’t help myself in the presence of so many breathtaking sceneries. I grabbed my smartphone and made the most of this valuable moment”.

Northern Argentina – Santiago Gomez

In your view, which are the five best sceneries to photograph?

“I don’t know the whole of my country, but from the spots I have visited, some stand out: El Chaltén, Purmamarca, La Payunia, The Iguazu Falls, El Palmar National Park and the Iberá Wetlands. Here are some recommendations for your photos:

– Try to be at the landscape you wish to shoot a picture of either at sunrise or at sunset, so you get the best light.
– You needn’t invest in the best and most costly camera. What matters the most is who makes the picture, not what it is made with.
– Never stop traveling!

Entre Rios – Santiago Gomez

Why should anyone carry a camera when traveling?

“Because it enables us to keep a record of the place we visit, so that we can later look at the pictures and bring back all the memories of that moment. That is what I like most about photography: the perpetuation of emotions”.

We hope you have enjoyed this trip through the photos shared by Santiago. If you wish to know more about his work, you may visit his profile on Instagram
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