Discover two of the most fascinating destinations in the country in the company of a well-known Italian filmmaker, photographer and travel vlogger.

Gaetano Martelli


Argentina on the go




Aug 25th, 2023

G aetano Martelli, our protagonist today, chose Argentina On The Go for a custom trip around the country and streamed for his over 3,000 subscribers to his Loud Travellers YouTube Channel. Via this digital space, this influencer from Naples seeks to show some of the most unique faces he comes across in the places he visits.

Gaetano’s choice reflects the essence of our agency, which, far from forcing itineraries, loves to craft trips for each traveler, based on their tastes, interests and curiosity. Gaetano’s two resulting videos showcase stories that motivate viewers to come and see Argentina for themselves.

The true story of Diego Maradona in Villa Fiorito

This unique tour brought the Italian YouTuber close to not only the international football icon’s history, but also to the local cuisine (he indulged in some “choris”) and a few of the most emblematic sites in the capital city.

“After a tour of the city of Buenos Aires, I ventured into Villa Fiorito, one of the least secure neighborhoods in Argentina, hometown of Diego Armando Maradona- the most celebrated football players of all times-, to learn more about his childhood and the places he used to spend time in. That was a one-of-a-kind journey around one of the most awesome countries in South America”, said Martelli.

If you happen to be interested in this kind of activity, do not hesitate to contact your local agent. Some of you may prefer to tour Maradona’s neighborhood, others would rather get to know his first club or visit his home, which has now become a museum. What would you like to see?

Cafayate- Rural Tourism Experience. Let me tell you a secret!

The next stopovers are located in Salta and Cafayate, two cities full of charm and tradition in the north of the country. Gaetano engaged in a road trip that started in Salta- the beautiful capital city of the region- and included stunning sites like Garganta del Diablo – a red rock gorge- among many other attractions, to finally reach the tranquil and beautiful town of Cafayate and share a few days in the company of the native settlers in this corner of the country.

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Here, the vlogger learnt first-hand about their history and traditions, all within a majestic setting that connected him with nature, and most importantly, with himself. Such unparalleled experience – both personal and magical- will stay with him forever.
Of course, he decided to share with his followers some of the highlights of this original adventure on his YouTube channel.

Salta’s traditional music, its flavorful cuisine, along with its lovely people were some of the additional ingredients that helped turn this trip into a fascinating experience.

Your custom trip! For further information about this and other destinations, find out about the 9, 12 or more day-long trip. Our team of professionals will be glad to help you adapt the options to your own needs and tastes.