Any trip we choose to take demands a fair amount of preparation. Now, what happens when planning a family trip? What with the greater number of considerations- especially when minors are involved- the organization will inevitably become somewhat trickier.

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Argentina on the go




Sept 5th, 2023

I t is with that in mind that we have put together this post today. We invite readers to learn about itineraries and destinations that are ideal for this kind of vacation.

Please note that in AOTG we can help travelers in the organization of their trip and ensure this includes activities to suit all the members of the family.

Organization: This is most important when it comes to fulfilling the expectations of a trip in the company of our most loved ones. Not to mention when the vacation coincides with the high season. Scenarios like the last-minute booking of accommodation or standing in long queues are not the best allies for this type of travel. Thus, the importance of relying on a consultant to help you with this task.

Destinations: “Which places are worth visiting?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. Much to the surprise of foreign visitors in Argentina, our country boasts a myriad of attractive destinations throughout the year. The vast majority of these destinations offer activities for both adults and children, which ensures both fun and safety for everyone.


This route features time in the city, excellent food, various animals and stunning Patagonia as the main star. The adventure starts in the city of Buenos Aires, where visitors will enjoy a great number of outdoor spaces and events suitable for all ages. The gem of the plan, though, is surely Puerto Madryn, which offers visitors the fascinating experience of coming in close contact with penguíns, dolphins, sea lions, whales (depending on the season), among many other species.

All of this while staying in some of the most outstanding ranches in the region, which guarantees comfort and peace of mind for everyone. And, to give a grand finale to this trip, we travel to Calafate to contemplate the Perito Moreno glacier and the breathtaking scenery surrounding it.

Puerto Madryn


Just like the name of the tour suggests, this option is an invitation to come in close contact with the flora and fauna of the country, while staying in comfortable lodges with astonishing views and what’s more important, while engaging in activities and events that will complement every stretch of the route.

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Again, the first stop will be in the city of Buenos Aires, with the chance to see a tango show and witness the characteristic multiculturalism of this metropolis. From Buenos Aires, we fly to the majestic Iguazu Falls, whose walkways and trails in the midst of the rainforest, incidentally, are baby-stroller and wheelchair friendly. The next destination on the route will be the Ibera Wetlands, a natural treasure trove in Argentina. Further south, we will be visiting Puerto Madryn in Patagonia. At the center of the stage, this time, will be Punta Tombo, home to one of the largest colonies of penguins in the continent.

Gran Meliá Hotel – Iguazú


One big favorite option among travelers is that of touring the country by car: reaching the main destinations by plane, but opting for a road trip to visit the different attractions in the area at their own pace.

Whether it is to the South, driving through Península Valdés, Calafate, El Chaltén, even Ushuaia, or all the way to the North, visiting Iguazu. And why not a bike ride in the city of Buenos Aires?

El Chaltén

Some tips:

1. Always carry a copy of everyone’s documents with you.
2. Find out about vaccines and local requirements in advance.
3. Be practical when packing.
4. It is always useful to carry a first-aid kit with you.
5. It is always useful to carry some snacks and candies while traveling too.
6. Before setting off on an excursion, find out which is the most suitable clothing (at times you may need to carry a change of clothes with you).