In today’s post, we would like to invite our readers to get to know and admire the country through the sensitivity of an Argentine artist who’s inspired by its landscapes and nature.



Argentina on the go




March 23rd, 2023

J osepinta is a 24-year-ol digital artist and graphic designer. She explains: “As my name suggests, I am half made of my person, my personality and essence, and half made of my art. The two sides are fully integrated. My person goes through the art I create, and art goes through my life. My name is Josepinta. I am a mountain and nature lover. I look to spread awareness, respect, and admiration, in every respect. I truly believe in art with a message and reflection. This is the way I go through life, spreading and expanding through my art.

My main technique is vector digital art, which means I don’t work with pixels or textures. What most resembles a physical technique would be that which is done with markers, but in a super tidy fashion. This ends up even, and that is what fascinates me the most. Also, I feel my style has this caricature-like vibe, with a black line, a clear-cut contour, and clearly, it is nature-related. I portray it the way I interpret it. From the more literal landscape designs, to the works that combine objects with nature. This is the way I perceive it, I express it and in turn convey my message.”

What does it mean for you to capture landscapes in Argentina?

A:/ It means giving value to my homeland, Argentina is my home and as such I think the world of it, I find every single corner of it simply amazing. I had the chance to live in The United States for a few months, and though I was captured by the sceneries, its giant mountains and snow-covered forests, I got to appreciate my roots and the Argentine culture even more. What I most like about my country is the great diversity of landscapes and biomes we have. When I draw them, I somehow get to “own” them, in the good sense of the word. I feel part of it, I feel this place has made an impression on me, and at times I draw places I haven’t even been to, but I look forward to visiting one day.

Patagonia by Josepinta

When traveling, photo-taking becomes essential. So why drawings?

A:/ Photography is an art I deeply admire. I am actually learning more and more about it, I even have my own camera already. I feel there are two points that are significant for me. The first is being able to balance, build images and situations that I cannot capture with the camera – because Nature is perfect, plus I don’t master this skill-, I can design the whole of something or a part of it, alter it, zoom in and zoom out anything I choose, without the need for special lenses or a decent camera. Yet, we do know that a photograph is really different from a drawing.

And the second point is that each hand is different. The lines already define the way you depict them, so the outcome, the drawing, is nature with your hallmark, what you emphasized, how you made it. It is a very personal expression. The way I see it, there is a great added value in that – which can also be achieved through photography; each picture has its own style, its own framing, its edition. Whichever the technique, what matters most is finding your own way.


What are your 5 magical places in Argentina to paint and / or unwind in?

A:/ 1. Bariloche: My home, indeed. I live in a house surrounded by the woods. One way or another, I feel inspired by any corner of Bariloche.
2. Pinamar:This place on the Argentine coast has a sentimental value for me. As a child, I spent many summers there. As the sun sets, around 7 in the evening, as everybody leaves the beach, I stay behind, mesmerized by the sea. Here I wind down like in almost no other place. Pinamar is home to some woods too. These are the first woods I have a memory of. I felt captivated.
3. Tilcara: This small town is in Jujuy. The North has a special mystic, a kind of magic that is not felt so much here in the South. The Northern region is loaded with stories and culture. When I am there I feel as if in another world. Tilcara is also surrounded by mountains, red ones.
4. Chaltén: Haven´t been there yet, but it is surely on my list. This spot in Santa Cruz is the capital of trekking. Few things can compare to drawing, but one is trekking for sure. I am going to be there in two weeks, and I have a feeling this is going to be a place that will inspire me and help me relax.
5. Cordoba: Tanti, actually. A small village, with a charming river. I also spent one summer there, twenty days in a tent. I felt enchanted by the peacefulness of the place and the stones heated by the sun. I recall it as the land of the fairies.


What three destinations in the South- or any other region of the country- would you recommend for those who seek to get away from it all and awaken their artistic side?

A:/ My recommendations are three, all linked together. Go to Bariloche, Villa La Angostura and San Martín de los Andes. The distance among the three cities is 190 km. Villa La Angostura is halfway between the other two. They belong to the famous Route of the Seven Lakes. You will find loads of information on the Internet on how to tour these places and what to do in each of them. Yet, I encourage you to do your own experience. I personally choose Bariloche to live, but when it comes to visiting, I find it impossible to pick one, the three of them are simply amazing.


Finally, tell us something about your project, where we may follow you and see what you do.

A:/ On Instagram @josepinta_ is where I am the most active. I usually share much about my artistic processes, as well as my daily life in Bariloche, my home amidst the mountains. My web page is still under construction, but it’ll be ready soon. You can find me at and get to see my works and my portfolio at