It is only natural for wine to be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see the name Mendoza. And while this “elixir of the gods” will be present in our post today, we would also like to walk our readers through the several extras that come along with their wine tours. Very much in AOTG’s style!

Andeluna Winery


Argentina on the go




July 10th, 2023

M endoza is home to so many wineries (over 1,100) that you may find it hard to make the best choice. There are endless factors at stake: opening times and days, distances, specialities, costs, and so much more.

With that in mind, we have put together only a few of the wineries that are setting trends in the services they offer, feature flexible hours and of course, premium quality wines.

Breakfast and Wine

Monteviejo Winery

We set off early in the morning for a brunch on Monteviejo Winery’s rooftop. An amazing view and a succulent menu featuring both sweet and savory options to be followed by a glass of Festivo Rose wine make up the ideal combination to start your tour across the different wineries!

Espacio Monteviejo – the winery’s restaurant- is home to artistic performances as well. Here visitors may enjoy rock festivals and jazz and blues concerts while indulging in some delicious tapas and wine. The tour around the winery also includes an exhibition of some fascinating works of art.

Monteviejo Winery

Picnic & Sunset


The different seasons are a driving factor when choosing from the wide selection of landscapes Argentina is home to. Each will offer a unique natural setting.

Andeluna is fully aware of that and, along with the usual tours and tasting sessions, this winery offers a couple of options for visitors to be able to contemplate the stunning scenery surrounding the premises, with the majestic Andes Mountain Range as a silent witness in the background.

One of these is the “Relaxed Menu”: served on lounge chairs and garden furniture (as if on a picnic) this choice includes exquisite wine to be paired with some fine delicacies.
“Tardecitas en Andeluna”, the winery’s alternative plan, is an invitation for visitors to toast to their partners, friends, family and most importantly, to the breathtaking sunset right before their eyes!

Andeluna Winery


Finca Piedra Infinita – Zuccardi

Internationally renowned as the most beautiful winery worldwide (2017), Zuccardi (and its exclusive restaurant “Finca Piedra Infinita”) is well worth a visit. Ideal for both architecture lovers and those who simply like to admire majestic structures, the tour around the establishments includes an exquisite menu, wine tasting as well as an exhibition of some interesting works of art.

Piedra Infinita – Zuccardi

Blend Class


Just as its name suggests (from Spanish, Diamantes, i.e. diamonds), this internationally awarded winery is one big precious stone at the foot of the Andes.

This glorious space, among many other options, offers visitors the chance to take part in a blend game and win a bottle of wine. How? By tasting 4 red varietals and learning about the diverse properties that are characteristic of each. After that, the participants are asked to create their own blend by making as many combinations as they wish. Finally, the winemaking team decides who the winner is and gives the top 3 their well-earned bottle of wine.

Bodega DiamAndes

Blind Tasting

Piedra Negra

Like with the rest of the wineries, the Andes will be the great companion in each of the activities. This time, visitors are welcomed with a glass of wine on the terrace, to be then shown around the different production areas in the establishment. The tour closes with a unique fun activity. Namely, a blind tasting, which allows tasters to test all their senses at one sitting.

Piedra Negra Winery


● Book your visit in advance.
● Find out the most suitable way of getting to the wineries and allow for the distances.
● Check the opening days and seasons.
● Make sure you inquire about the architecture, the history and special features of each place you visit.
● Avoid comparisons. Try to make the most of each of the establishments.
● Enjoy yourself!