Looking to savor the best beef ever? Here are some of the best recommendations for you while you visit Buenos Aires.

Las Azulada


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Jun 17th, 2024

A rgentine beef has gained tremendous popularity across the world. Its emblematic quality and taste are greatly enjoyed and appreciated by those who visit the country for the first time.
But what if you are short of time to choose the best spot to indulge yourself in this delicacy? Wouldn’t a special list come in handy? Here are some tips to ensure you make that first time experience simply unforgettable.

This time we decided to leave out the most traditional and internationally celebrated steakhouses in Buenos Aires city, in order to highlight, instead, those spaces that not only are less visited by travelers but also boast a great cultural wealth which is likely to bring you closer to the true essence of this southern country.

El Boliche de Nico

Av. de los Incas 4287

Located within a residential area, away from the most popular spots in Buenos Aires, this steakhouse is one of the best kept secrets. El Boliche de Nico is run by its owners and decorated to create a very “porteña” atmosphere- one that is characteristic of the city of Buenos Aires- so that customers get a real feel of an authentic Argentine parrilla. The classic fileteados (Buenos Aires styled iconography art), along with the tables and shelves give the place a very local touch. It is also worth mentioning that its beef is one big favorite among the locals.

El Boliche de Nico

La Carnicería

Thames 2317

If you are planning on staying in Buenos Aires for only a few days, but still wish to take pleasure in high quality beef while touring the metropolis, then La Carnicería is one of the best alternatives for you. Its location will enable you to be close to traditional circuits in Palermo, such as the Botanical Garden, Ecoparque or El Rosedal, so that you can make the most of the day and close the tour with one of the best beef options in the city.

La Carniceria

La Azulada

Baez, Arévalo

La Azulada features both a gourmet style and a wide selection of dishes. Many of the latter combine different types of beef cuts, a very practical option if you will be visiting only one steakhouse during your visit. The area is pretty quiet and you may further enhance your visit by going for a delicious cup of coffee or by just wandering this lovely neighborhood called Cañitas.

Las Azulada

Parrilla El Pobre Luis

Arribeños 2393

This space boasts a wide selection of both Argentine and Uruguayan specialities. Its garnish options are a delight, with beef as the celebrated main star. And when it comes to showcasing the local traditions, Parrilla El Pobre Luis does so through football. The football shirts and mementos exhibited in every corner turn this establishment into a true must-see in Buenos Aires.

Parrilla El Pobre Luis

Maure Parrilla

Av. Córdoba 6401

Hearty and flavorful dishes served in a quiet place filled with local culture and surely, the homemade taste you are looking for. We close this post with Maure Parrilla, a steakhouse that embraces traditions, and a big favorite among the neighbors in the area. An ideal space to visit with the family.

Maure Parrilla

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