Glamping has with the years become one of the most popular accommodation choices among travelers. And while it may sound novel, this type of luxurious camping holiday was originally developed in Africa back in the early 20th century, after the safaris for Europeans and Americans were adapted and provided with more creature comforts. Glamour and Camping: the two concepts create a synergy that translates into something original and attractive for those who seek to discover different ways of connecting with nature.

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Argentina on the go




May 17th, 2021



arning! After “going on a tour” of the most fascinating glamping options in Argentina, you will find it seriously hard to pick just one for your adventure. And with good reason! Fancy yourself waking up amid a unique scenery in which you may admire the magic of nature with each of your senses. Mind you, the selection process becomes even harder if you consider the great diversity of landscapes and the chance to make your choice in different seasons.

The flowers, the snow, the contrasting colors of the fall, or the green color of the mountains…they are all factors that play a role when it comes to choosing the right time for glamping. Let alone the great number of creature comforts: comfy beds, private bathrooms and terraces, tubs, panoramic views and an endless number of services and amenities that make these spaces a compelling option when planning your next holiday.

Some people describe it as the kind of accommodation that connects our ancestors with modern times, as it combines the natural world with comfort. So if you wish to spend your holiday in a remote and desolate setting with all the creature comforts for a pleasant and safe stay and in never-ending harmony with the surroundings, then glamping is the thing to do.

And though we know that the final decision lies with you, In Argenitna On The Go we have singled out some of the most exceptional and best qualified glamping options throughout the country: In Patagonia, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, near the sea, in a breathtaking vineyard or somewhere in the north of Argentina. Please note: The great diversity of landscapes translates into a great variety of services and offers.

Photo: Al Pasión


Chalten Camp

This camping site in the midst of unspoilt nature but only within 3 kms from the nearest town offers a unique experience. Indeed, this is the ideal place to take in the awe-inspiring Fitz Roy Mount. At the heart of the site lies a stunning main dome (80 square meters) with a dining and living area that features a panoramic view that is second to none.

Foto: Chalten Camp


Its philosophy embraces comfortable sleep and the chance to wake up in the midst of the woods of Patagonia. Its domes offer Queen Size box spring, twin or triple beds, all with down comforters. Every space here guarantees elegance and privacy.

Huemules offers an all-inclusive option as well as half-day or one-day excursions. Leave the rest to the stunning landscape and breathtaking nature all around the place.

Photo: Huemules

Domos de la Estancia

Set in the very heart of Tierra del Fuego, and with its natural surroundings playing the main role, this lodge guarantees a memorable stay. The sounds, the calm and the majesty of the natural setting perfectly combine to create a second-to-none experience. From here, also, you may go on a trekking tour of the place.

En-suite bathrooms, heating, comfy bedrooms and a unique view of Tierra del Fuego. Their domes are 100% solar-powered, which makes it an energetically sustainable project. The site also features a premium gastronomic variety, as well as an orchard, which gives the setting a special flair.

Photo: Domos de la estancia

Patagonia Eco Domes

At the start of this blog we warned you that the final choice would not be simple. In Patagonia alone there is a wide range of glamping lodgings. Patagonia Eco Domes offers nine suites with all the creature comforts of home, so you may choose your favorite view of Fitz Roy and the stunning mountains of Patagonia. Fancy waking up in the morning to one of the most amazing sceneries, right out of your window.

Photo: Patagonia Eco Domes

Las Ramblas

Let´s travel further north, where Patagonia starts. This enchanted accommodation lies in Villa La Angostura, and has views of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and the shores of Manzano Bay. The sound of the lakes and the unique sunsets are among the reasons that make this option a very special experience.

Las Ramblas provides all kinds of creature comforts to turn your stay into an extraordinary adventure.

Photo: Las Ramblas


Puesto viejo estancia

A getaway from the city, but also an alternative for those travelers who seek to connect with nature amid magical surroundings. In Puesto Viejo There is a sector set aside for glamping, with African tents fully-equipped for a pleasant and comfortable stay: beds, bed linen, bedside tables, carpeted floors and a complete private bathroom, are some of the amenities offered in this place.

Besides the features of the setting – its location in a pine-tree maze, a few meters away from the polo horses´ stables – the horseback rides, among other services, are likely to be a wow factor for guests, who can engage in activities to suit all tastes amid the pleasant surroundings.

Photo: Puesto Viejo Estancia


“Sheer peace and quiet and real contact with nature.”: This motto summarizes the essence of Refugio´s facilities. The place features four types of glamping lodgings (standard, comfort bosque, comfort laguna, and premium) and high-quality service with all that is needed for guests to experience a comfortable and peaceful stay.

If requested in advance, this lodge may connect you with the local cuisine: appetizers, pork shoulder, rib cap roast, oven pizzas, craft beer, cocktails, Trapani ice-cream or traditional regional sweets. All dishes to be paired with invited DJs, artists, or live bands, as well as activities like horseback rides, kite surfing, sailing and fishing, aqua zorbing or yoga.

Photo: Refugio


Al pasión

Located in Valle de Uco, Al Pasión is the perfect place to connect with the natural surroundings of the region, its wines and the spirit of the setting. This place offers five luxury double rooms and one family room, all with a private terrace, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. Each space here is based on the different elements of nature: metal, wood, earth, air, water and fire.

What´s more, guests may have access to a wine tasting session in the place´s 85-hectare winery, a space with a cozy sitting area and a library with a breathtaking view.

Photo: Al Pasión


Dos Aguas Natural

Set in the monte serrano, Dos Aguas Natural provides guests with a memorable stay full of comfort and nature. Indeed, this can be clearly seen in their lodges and amenities: private bathrooms with a hot shower, velvety bed linen, fluffy down comforters and recycled furniture.

Along with the facilities, Dos Aguas offers adventures known as “slow tours”, such as mountain hikes, picture taking, yoga, sky watching…This is one place to become one with nature amid an atmosphere of reflection…

Photo: Dos Aguas Natural