Don Julio is considered a “cathedral for steak lovers” and one of the top restaurants in our country. Not in vain has it recently won the 14th place on the “The World´s 50 Best Restaurants” list – being the only Argentine eating establishment within the 100 best on earth. And that is simply one of the many awards that this prestigious steak house has earned throughout the years.

Don Julio


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November 11th, 2022

W hat makes Don Julio so very special? To help us answer that question we interviewed Guido Tassi, who is not only an essential member of the team in his role as the consulting chef in Don Julio´s kitchen, but also a partner of El Preferido – another local gastronomy jewel that will be presented in the post today too.

On a brief break from work, and with the same level of professionalism that he applies on every detail in his kitchen, Tassi explained – in conversation with AOTG – how the raw material is processed in both establishments. He also shared some recommendations for those who plan on visiting either of these exclusive spaces in Buenos Aires. But first, let´s learn more about his career.

Guido Tassi

His training in cooking started at The Bue Trainers. Since then, he has worked for important local and international restaurant chains, such as Hotel Marriot Plaza in Buenos Aires, Hotel Llao Llao in Bariloche, the 12 Michelin star Chef Martín Berazategui’s restaurant in the Basque country, and the also prestigious 3 Michelin star Chef Michel Bras’s restaurant in France.

His know-how and experience have turned him into one of the most outstanding chefs in the country. Back in 2008 he was awarded as the best young chef by the Cuisine & Vins magazine and since then, his hosting on TV and the publishing of his first book “Embutidos (Charcuterie)” have been only some of his most remarkable accomplishments. In 2016 he became a team player in Don Julio as their consulting chef, bringing with him a world of innovative ideas that have further secured this award-winning steak house´s worldwide fame.

Guido Tassi

Cuisine in Buenos Aires

“The food in Buenos Aires – in spite of its cultural diversity and the fact that most of its chefs have been trained in different kitchens across the globe – has an Italian and Spanish influence mainly. Buenos Aires is the result of historic events that have shaped its food culture”, Tassi points out.

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Why Don Julio?

While his training was highly influenced by the French cuisine, Guido Tassi became eventually driven by another style: “I´ve always felt identified by the grill, the fire, and the raw material. I had this idea that the Argentine barbecue could be improved. Nowadays we run two highly successful establishments that represent our culture”.

Don Julio

Don Julio and El Preferido

Tassi shared with us some of the key features of these two restaurants, while also highlighting their differences: “Don Julio is a traditional porteña steak house, with a more current view. The quality of the raw material we use is exceptional. We control the whole process, from the vegetables to the beef we obtain from regenerative ranching. Don Julio offers a careful and highly-qualified service that clearly stands out from the rest.”

El Preferido, a 70-year-old eatery, was taken over from a family of Asturians and Spaniards. It was a high quality porteño-style restaurant with Spanish roots. “We used that concept as the basis, enhancing both our quality and service”.

El Preferido restaurant

What makes Don Julio and El Preferido so special?

The celebrated chef told us that the produce for the side dishes on the menu of both restaurants is grown through the Traza project one season in advance, so the harvest will be available to include on the menu the following season. The project also involves the organic cultivation of a wide selection of seeds.

“Whereas the markets are of great importance for the community, it is one thing to go to the market to pick what is available and another to decide which produce you wish to grow. The latter gives us an increased number of choices and the chance to get to know the plant´s cycle and the farmer´s dynamic, as well as the opportunity to create bonds with them.”

In the case of Don Julio, Tassi explained that since 2021 they have been implementing regenerative ranching. This complex practice based on ecological principles does not contaminate the environment but regenerates the soil and captures CO2 instead. “It is one of our largest projects today. All the beef we use in Don Julio comes from this endeavor.”

El Preferido restaurant

The Chef´s Recommedations

Don Julio
Guatemala 4691

Appetizers: Grilled Sweetbreads
Main Course: Rib Eye Steak (from regenerative ranching)
Side Dish: French Fries

El Preferido
Jorge Luis Borges 2108

Appetizers: Charcuterie
Main Course: Milanesa (breaded veal cutlet)
Dessert: Ice-cream