Our story today brings together a great many condiments that you will simply love: journeys, animals, nature and loads of passion. In this post today we will be introducing you to a fascinating space: the Centro Hipico Ushuaia.



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May 18th, 2023

B ased in the city of Ushuaia, in the province of Tierra del Fuego, this wonderful initiative started over 30 years ago by Adolfo Imbert alongside his family, was a pioneer in both hippotherapy and equestrian activities in the region.

Get ready for an article loaded with magic and nature, amidst one of the farthest-flung corners of the planet.

How would you define Centro Hípico Ushuaia? How did the initiative come to be?

It is a family project that came to be with the collaboration of my wife Laura, first as a result of the passion we both have always felt for these kind animals, and later on, with the aim to offer organized equestrian coaching and horseback rides for tourists during the summertime.

Our kids, Florencia, Candela, Agustín and Juan have been engaged in the business from a very young age. In spite of the economic ups-and-downs we have been through, we’ve been able to weather the storm and have evolved into one of the most outstanding attractions among the region’s touristic activities.


What kind of journeys do you offer?

Centro Hípico Ushuaia features activities that last 2, 3 or 4 hours, as well as a long expedition to Peninsula Mitre. Actually, we are the only equestrian operators in the area to offer such an option in this natural protected area.

In the Expedition to Peninsula Mitre we embark on a 10-day horseback ride in the southeast area of Isla Tierra del Fuego. During this adventure, riders get in touch with mythical sites, shipwrecks, estancias, breathtaking landscapes, along with the wealthy flora and fauna all around.


Where are you based? Why did you choose this place?

Our center is located on Ruta Nacional 3, the one used to access the Tierra del Fuego National Park, at the base of the well-known Monte Susana (Mount), which separates us from the city and the park. Surrounded by mountains, the woods and the sea coast, we enjoy a unique location in this southerly city. And this perfect combination is definitely the reason why we chose this place.


Which is the best time of the year to go on this kind of horseback ride and why?

Without the shadow of a doubt, summer is the best season. Our activities start in October and end in April. It is the most suitable time because of the weather and the longer daylight hours, though – bear in mind- this is still Patagonia.


Are there any restrictions on this kind of adventure?

While you ought to be in good physical condition, you needn’t have any experience or be a great horse rider. Our journeys – especially the one that lasts 2 hours- are family-oriented. And though you may have never been on a horse before, you will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery of the city of Ushuaia without the need to worry about where you set your foot.


For the most fearful and / or the inexperienced: what guarantees do you offer?

We work with criollo horses, which are tamed by our own family. Juan, the youngest of my kids, is in charge of taming the studs. These are afterwards used by the guides, so they get used to the activity and become more reliable.

The criollo breed horses from Tierra del Fuego are strong, rustic and trustworthy animals that adjust to all kinds of terrains. That ensures that these kind creatures will offer the best safety possible. Besides, we have trained and experienced guides that know exactly how to tackle any situation that may arise. So you may rest assured you will enjoy a pleasant and original adventure when riding our horses.


How are the horses looked after before and after the journeys?

We consider them as part of our family, so we take very special care of them. As there are several horses in our center, we don’t send them on more than one ride per day, so they get some resting time. The horses live out in the mountains once the riding day is over (between 10 and 12 hours).

Every morning, the horses are brought to the Centro Hípico. Given the kind of terrain, it is essential to keep their hooves well protected, so we shoe them permanently.

They only go on rides between October and April. The rest of the year they rest some 200 km away from Ushuaia for a winter with better pastures. Finally, we also use the service of some veterinarians in the region, such as Dr Eduardo Fabro, a renowned practitioner who deals with the most complex issues, when it comes to the health of our horses.


Why should anyone go on a horseback ride in Patagonia?

Argentina is tantamount to the gaucho and the horse…and in Patagonia, this animal was historically a great protagonist, given its versatility and the vast distances across the whole of the region. So being here and not riding a horse is missing something significant.

From the top of a horse the view is taken in differently. The horse becomes our feet, and with the wisdom of those “feet” we venture into the magic of Patagonia.


Finally, any recommendations you would like to make?

Riders should be aware that this is an activity involving an animal. The latter should be treated with great care and respect at all times. Also, as the weather can be rather changeable in Patagonia, we highly recommend wearing suitable clothing and footwear.

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