When planning a trip abroad it is always best to have a rough idea of how much one is expected to spend while at the destination.


Argentina on the go




Nov 25th, 2022

A rgentina – one of the most economical countries in the region thanks to the favorable exchange rate for foreigners – offers competitive prices that we would like to share with our readers in today’s post. To date (November 2022), here are some of the most relevant costs visitors may anticipate to find.


Argentine cuisine is amazingly diverse, and each region features a wide selection of local flavors, creativity and expertise. In Buenos Aires, visitors may also savor dishes made from ingredients from different parts of the world, which highlights the influence of immigrants in the country. When it comes to having a snack or getting a drink Argentina is also home to very appealing options for every taste and budget.

Breakfast and Snacks: If breakfast is included in your hotel stay, you will be saving some costs. However, if you wish to have it outside the hotel and / or have a snack or brunch in the afternoon, you may expect to pay between USD 17 and USD 20.

Beverages: The prices will depend on the kind of drink, the establishment and the area where the latter is located. On average, alcoholic beverages range from USD 5 to USD 10, while a bottle of water may cost USD 2 and a glass of juice USD 4.

Lunch: While on an excursion you may expect to pay between USD 10 and USD 15 per person.

Whole meals (lunch or dinner): A meal with wine, some exquisite beef and dessert in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the destination may be worth between USD 69 and USD 90. More affordable options are also available, with an average cost of USD 25 or more, depending on the level of the establishment and the kind of wine chosen.


Once again, costs will be determined by the area you will be staying in. In the case of the city of Buenos Aires, there is a wide range of alternatives, with prices based on the location, size and amenities offered by the accommodation. At other renowned destinations like the Iguazu Falls, Chaltén or Northern Argentina, you are likely to find higher costs.

Glamping Pristine – Salinas Grandes


Most international flights arrive at Ezeiza airport, which is located some distance away from the city center. You may need to set aside some USD 39 for the journey. Uber or taxi rides within the city should not exceed USD 19 (when crossing the city from one end to the other). Of course, the subway will usually be a good alternative to move around for a lower cost and at a higher speed.

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We encourage those who wish to learn more about transport in Buenos Aires to check out this article. (nota de transporte). When traveling in the south or the north of the country, it is always best to rent a car to make the most of each leg of the trip. Renting a vehicle may cost an average of USD 163 a day.

Quebrada de las Flechas

Admission costs

Both in remote villages and the biggest cities, museums and other local attractions are likely to be within the plan. Visitors will encounter a vast array of options that include traditional products, stories of ancestors, dinosaurs, soccer stadiums, and art and instruments collections of high cultural value, among many others. Admission in most of them are free of cost. Others may charge between USD 2 and USD 12 for a ticket. National Parks, for instance, usually charge for admission, and the cost of the ticket will vary according to the time of the year and the natural scenery.

Iguazú National Park


If you enjoy bringing back home mementos of your trip or even gifts for your loved ones, then you should expect to be offered souvenirs like key-rings, pins, refrigerator magnets for an average cost of USD 10, while a fine wine may be worth USD 46, and “alfajores” (traditional stuffed cookies) some USD 12 for a box of 12.

Average Costs, for a week, per person

Meals: Main meals, snacks and beverages…………………………USD 421

Accommodation: Six nights in a four-star hotel ……………….USD 900 to 1,000

Transfers: airport, subway (in Buenos Aires only), and taxi rides…USD 104 to 215

Admission: National Parks, museums in Buenos Aires……………USD 98

Souvenirs: Key-rings, alfajores, wine………………………………..USD 392

*Please note these are only rough estimates.

Some useful tips:

– Exchange your money in Argentine territory.
– Minimize or avoid altogether the use of the credit card.
– Carry cash with you, especially in smaller cities, where you may sometimes even get some good deals for using this means of payment.
– In AOTG our experienced consultants will advise you on the budget of your trip, so it suits your needs and tastes and it includes the destinations of your choice, bearing in mind every single detail on your itinerary.
– By booking a trip with AOTG you will be given exclusive information about each of the points mentioned in this post, particularly about the cuisine in each destination – a guide designed for visitors with recommendations by the country’s most renowned chefs.


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