A lifetime if need be! Beyond the romanticism that Argentina may awaken in visitors, it is always best to consider the amount of time most suitable for your trip around the country. Our team of specialists will be glad to answer all your time-related queries and offer you customized experiences.

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Argentina on the go




January 31st, 2023

I n our post today, we would like to share some broad guidelines to bear in mind when selecting your destinations.

Buenos Aires

5 Days

Also known as “the city of fury”, or “America’s Paris”, Buenos Aires has so much to offer that visitors are sure to get lucky while in the place. Yet, we highly recommend that you also consider your specific interests and preferences when planning the trip -elements like the time of the year, the activities, the fairs and events that are held throughout the country. All in all, 5 days would be a reasonable amount of time to leisurely stroll around the most emblematic barrios in the city: Palermo, La Boca (Caminito), Recoleta, Montserrat and Belgrano.

Caminito – La Boca


3 Days

The South, like the rest of the destinations, will feature a special color and attraction, depending on the time of the year you visit. Ingredients like the weather and the season (high or low), will be sensible factors when deciding how long to spend in one place. However, to engage in the most popular tours in the area – Laguna de los Tres, Cerro Torre and Perito Moreno (the latter in Calafate)- we advise you estimate at least 3 days, which will likely give you the chance to choose the most suitable weather to make the most of each attraction (or at least of most of them) and enough time to rest and get your energy back after a day out trekking.

Trekking – Chalten


3 Days

Though the location boasts a wide range of attractions worth visiting, the highlight here is one the major natural wonders in our country – namely, the Iguazu Falls. We especially recommend this destination for those traveling for only a few days around Argentina, as the distances and activities usually take no more than 2 or 3 days to complete.

Iguazú Falls


5 Days

The Route of the Seven Lakes may be covered in just one day. However, once this tour is over, you are more than likely to “cry out” for much more than a day to spend in this jewel of a place in Argentinian Patagonia. Home to an array of stunning lakes, breathtaking sceneries and a wide selection of activities, Bariloche is the ideal point of departure to get to know unique destinations in the world. Our recommendation? Five days should be enough to make the most of this fascinating southern city.

Cerro Tronador Ventisquero – Bariloche


Six Days

The North of Argentina is yet another destination bound to captivate those touring it. Its exquisite traditional dishes in combination with the wide array of colors of its landscapes are the perfect excuse to embark on this journey. From Salta “La Linda” (Beautiful Salta, as it is usually referred to in Spanish), travelers may reach several other highlights in this region of the country. So, for those who wish to admire the colorful hills, one of the largest salt flats in the world and, while at it, indulge in some altitude wine tasting, six would be a suitable number of days to spend in this fabulous region.

Valles Calchaquies – Salta


Four Days

Rarely does one get to travel all the way down to the End of the World…Ushuaia is well worth the long journey: four days in this amazing destination loaded with natural wealth and activities will prove enough time to fully enjoy this paradise. Check with your AOTG’s guide about the different options in this location.

Laguna Esmeralda – Tierra del Fuego


Four Days

Last but not least, we travel to Mendoza. This province, by the Andes Mountains, offers not only spectacular sceneries and superb tours, but also the chance to taste the most exquisite wine in the world, to say the least! No wonder the many wineries and vineyards are the main attraction here. Thus, we encourage you to spend at least four days in this destination if you seek to discover the most outstanding ones.

Naturally, like with the rest of the destinations, you can count on our expert advice and orientation to help you figure which options will best suit your taste and needs.

Vineyard – Mendoza