Holidays are the ideal time to “go offline”, to get away from it all. Whether we like it or not, however, staying connected may always come in handy, especially when traveling– be it because of an emergency, the need to check any details of your itinerary or simply the wish to upload your favorite pictures.
With that in mind, here are a number of suggestions for visitors in our country.

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Argentina on the go




September 8th, 2022


The first alternative is getting a SIM Card (or Chip, as we call it here) on arrival in Buenos Aires. This is pretty simple and convenient, as you don’t risk losing information from your cell phone. SIM cards are sold in “kiosks” along with many other points in the city. There is even a Personal (mobile operator) stand at Ezeiza airport. You may also top up your card and activate an internet pack.

Two other major mobile operators in Argentina are Movistar and Claro, both with wide coverage across the country.

1. Movistar: Once you have bought a SIM Card in one of the stores or selling points, you need to send a private message with the word #NOMI to the provider either through Twitter or Facebook. (@movistararg). Next you will be asked to send specific information, like the photo in your passport, a photo of you posing with such document, a photo of the chip, your accommodation address as well as the duration of your stay in the country. That done, and through the same channel, you will receive details about the plans they offer.

Web Movistar para turistas

2. Claro: The procedure is more or less the same, though it may be done directly from their official website. In this way you may be able to activate your SIM Card to use it freely. A pretty straightforward formality that enables safe and ready access to the Internet.

Web Claro para turistas

Cost of the plans: Depending on the number of GB you choose, prices range between USD$ 4 and USD$ 7.

Another important fact that you should know is what kind of plugs you will need to connect any device to the Argentine electricity network (mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc). Our network is 220V, 50 Hz and the sockets are like this:

If you need adapters, they are easy to find. Obviously they sell them in the airport shops (although you’ll probably pay more for them), and if you do not, you can buy them in the city in hardware stores or even on the street, especially in the downtown area.

International Roaming

Though not the most popular option, it may be practical for some travelers. From your home country you may activate –either before or during the trip – your International Roaming service. In that regard, you will need to check the conditions, costs and any details with your local provider. Many operators feature a variety of plans for users traveling abroad. So if you wish to be connected as soon as you land in Argentina, this is likely to be the best alternative for you.


Most public and private spaces in the country are hotspots, with pretty good coverage in the case of major cities. All you need to do is ask someone in the staff to provide you with the password that will give you free access to the connection.

Some tips:

– When buying your SIM Card, make sure to do so from a reliable store or selling point. You may always consult directly with your Argentina On The Go guide who will be glad to give you some suggestions based on your location.
– The different airports in the country offer free Wi-Fi, which will make it possible for you to get in touch with those expecting you.
-When providing personal information, make sure you do so only through the official channels of the mobile operators.
Before getting one of the plans – in the event of choosing the chip option – consider the duration of your stay, so you avoid spending more than necessary.
– Sharing is possible! When traveling in groups, it is best to buy one single SIM Card with a more comprehensive plan that will enable the activation of the option “Share Data” and full access to the Internet.
– Please note that some of the tours may include visits to remote places which are very unlikely to offer Wi-Fi service.
– Last but not least, if you wish to “switch off”, be sure our staff in Argentina On The Go and all the guides involved will provide you with whatever you may be looking for.