Buenos Aires city boasts an integrated transport system for all tastes and needs. In this capital city, the SUBE card is the “magic key” for users to access buses, trains and subways.

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Aug 09th, 2022

L ike in the main capitals across the world, the mobility may be affected by the amount of floating population in some areas. However, there are always alternatives within reach. For travelers visiting the Argentine capital, it is best to use either private transportation or public means like the subway, which maximizes time and offers users stations near most of the main attractions.

The so-called RED SUBE integrates all the means of public transport and provides automatic discounts between the different connections. In two hours users may make up to 5 connections at a much lower cost. The first trip they will pay the total price of the fare, the second trip they will pay only half the price, and as of the third trip they will be eligible for a 75% discount.


This means of transport operates from Monday thru Sunday from 5 am and 9 pm or 11 pm depending on the line.

There are 6 lines, each distinguished by a different color. Some lines feature more modern cars than the others, but in general terms, they are all quite comfortable. The network comprises much of the capital and enables passengers to reach their desired destinations by using the diverse connections quite easily. For instance, line A and D will carry you to the historic center of the capital, and from there you may travel to other areas in Buenos Aires.

Please note that the stations change names depending on the line you are using. But they are all well signaled and make it easy for users to find their way around. If you should need any guidance you can also find staff who will willingly assist you.

Once inside the subway we recommend passengers keep an eye on their personal belongings.at all times. Travel is usually safe. However, given the great number of users, it is always best to stay alert.

Subway routes

Subway schedules


Though buses for locals may have become an intrinsic part of the city landscape, this means of transport with its classic look, and in combination with the great city, will offer travelers a special and different experience. You will be tempted to take more than a picture while riding one of them…

Buses in the city run 24 hours a day every day, with diverse frequencies depending on the time. Bear in mind that it is always safer to use this transport in the downtown area, preferably during daytime hours.

Buses – Buenos Aires


The railway line in Buenos Aires is another traditional and practical way of moving around the city. The adventure will start right at the stations, where travelers will be able to admire their architectural beauty and historic significance, especially in the Retiro and Constitución Terminal Stations. In Buenos Aires, the railway system was greatly influenced by the English immigrants in the city, who left behind an outstanding sporting and cultural legacy reflected in the city´s sports clubs and the barrios surrounding the stations.

There are 6 lines in the Metropolitan Area: Mitre, Sarmiento, Belgrano Sur, Roca, San Martín and Tren de la Costa, each with their own frequency and routes.

In the application and / or website of Trenes Argentinos users may find all the detailed information about each line.

A good opportunity to get to know the trains and while at it visit new places is taking the corresponding lines that go to Tigre or to La Plata (The latter is the capital of the province). Both cities are loaded with attractions for the visitors to enjoy.

Train – Buenos Aires


It is always best to hire this service either through the different apps available (DiDi, Uber, Beat) or from authorized taxi ranks, like the ones at the airport. We suggest downloading BA Taxis on your phone if you wish to estimate the cost of the ride before getting into the taxi.

Taxi – Buenos Aires

Ecobicis (eco-bikes)

For sporting and outdoor-life enthusiasts this will be an exceptional experience. By using the BA Ecobici app, riders may borrow these public bicycles and get to tour much of the city along the many cycle lanes in Buenos Aires.

Ecobicis – Buenos Aires


Those who look to experience all the many ways of moving around Buenos Aires shouldn´t miss this free-of-charge ride on the historic tramway in Caballito, one of the most traditional barrios in the city.

The tram runs on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm, and the whole journey takes approximately 20 minutes.

A worthwhile activity that is likely to surprise you.

Tramway – Buenos Aires

Some tips

– Download all the apps you may need well ahead of time.
– Make sure to get your SUBE cards –which are sold in kiosks and stations- as soon as possible, as they will be essential for traveling around the city.
– Always keep an eye on your belongings, regardless of the means of transport you are using.
– Download the map of the city on your phones and add markers of the key sites to it, such as accommodation, tourist spots, etc.
– If you have any doubts about the route, make enquiries before riding any transport.
– Always check out the schedule of the transport you wish to use when planning your journeys.