Death, and particularly that of our most famous and infamous ancestors, permeates other aspects of culture like history, architecture, customs and traditions, and so much more.

La Recoleta Cemetery – Buenos Aires


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December 23rd, 2022

I n today ‘s post, we will be taking our readers on a tour of La Recoleta Cemetery, a necropolis listed as one of the most renowned worldwide, along with names like Pere Lachaise (in Paris), Almudena (in Madrid), Alegre (in Sapanta, Romania), Xoxocotlán (in Oaxaca, Mexico), or Cristobal Colón (in La Habana).

La Recoleta Cemetery

Location: Junin 1760
Opening Times: Mondays thru Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm.
Admission Fee: 6/7 USD

Today one of the most visited around the world, this 200-year-old cemetery located in its namesake barrio, was originally a public necropolis. It was only after prestigious figures and well-off people came to live in the area that the place became such an impressive space.

The intervention of famous architects in the building of the vaults – decorated with stunning marble sculptures – has made the La Recoleta Cemetery one of the most outstanding on Earth. A “competition” among rich families who longed for an attractive space where to rest eternally.

Argentine political leaders, presidents, artists, writers, sport stars and major business owners are among some of the many names engraved on the over 6,400 tombs and mausolea in the place.

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La Recoleta Cemetery – Buenos Aires

Some interesting facts

● Over 90 vaults have been declared National Historic Monuments.
● Its name derives from the “Recoleto” monks whose monastery used to be there.
● The necropolis was built on what used to be the monks’ orchard.
● Eva Perón’s tomb is one of the most popular with visitors.
● The roughly 6,400 marble crypts, statues, coffins and sarcophagi in the place feature different styles: Baroque, Neo-Gothic, Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

La Recoleta Cemetery – Buenos Aires


We are not going to reveal many of the stories that are said to have happened in this cemetery. Yet, each tomb has a story to tell. Like that of Rufina, a young lady who was thought to have been buried alive after a catalepsy episode; or that of the three friends who agreed to jointly buy a plot in the cemetery and nine months later died from different causes; or that of Liliana Crociati de Szaszak with her dog Sabú, the latter famous for being thought to bring good luck to those touching its nose.

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Liliana Crociati de Szaszak with her dog Sabú

Surrounding area

The great majority of the graveyards are located in isolated and solitary areas. This is not the case for La Recoleta Cemetery, which lies in a very attractive location and is only a few blocks away from an endless number of attractions and activities, making it possible for visitors to make a tour of the necropolis and while at it, take some time and stop by some other landmarks in the city.

Some of the most illustrious bars and cafes in the city, such as La Biela, are right across from the main entrance. The cemetery is also a few meters away from the Centro Cultural de La Recoleta, which features a host of artistic forms well worth seeing.

Within a short distance, visitors will also be able to see the School of Law, on Libertador Avenue, as well as the National Museum of Fine Arts and the famous Floralis Generica.

La Recoleta is a barrio full of tradition, home to fabulous spots to discover and thousands of tombs with a story to tell.

School of Law, on Libertador Avenue – Recoleta