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Los Antiguos


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February 22nd, 2023

P atagonia never ceases to surprise: a desolate natural region full of unparalleled magic. We are visiting Los Antiguos today, and, to learn more about its culture and the most outstanding attractions, we spoke with the Under Secretary of Tourism, Daiana Díaz.

Los Antiguos is a small natural paradise in Northwest Santa Cruz, on the south bank of Lake Buenos Aires, surrounded by touristic farms that give identity to a place that has been shaped by the gigantic glaciers with the passing of time.

Five spots to visit


Route 41. It is a scenic route, iconic in the locality, offering a host of wonderful landscapes.

Patagonia RNS La Ascensión National Park: This part of the Patagonia National Park features a network of trails with different levels of difficulty. It has a unique historic and architectural significance and it is home to the Macá Tobiano, also known as the Hooded Greve, which is a rare bird in critical risk of extinction.

Lake Buenos Aires: This is the second largest lake in South America. Its majestic view causes amazement to everyone visiting the place.

Laguna de los Juncos Urban Natural Reserve: Its location is ideal for those without a vehicle. It is home to native fauna and flora and it hosts roughly 300 species of native, exotic, resident and migratory birds.

Touristic Farms: They are part of the identity of the place, offering a unique experience to visitors, who may engage in tours, taste the local produce and even buy it. These venues are a key contribution to the local cuisine.

Patagonia RNS La Ascensión National Park

Which is the greatest potential in Los Antiguos?

A/: The Agrotourism Tour: Its significance lies in what was mentioned before, and in the need to present the locality as a rural destination mainly.

In addition, one of the treasure troves in here is the sighting of the Macá Tobiano in the plateau of Lake Buenos Aires. While it is not usually easy to sight them, this is one of the species most sought after by ornithologists.

Which is the best time of the year to visit Los Antiguos?

A/: Los Antiguos is beautiful all year round, with the time between October and March being the most favorable when it comes to the access to the different attractions.

Is there a typical celebration held in Los Antiguos?

A/: The Cherry National Festival is celebrated every January.

Lake Buenos Aires

How can you reach Los Antiguos?

A/: From Chile it is not easy to reach this locality, as there is no traffic from Chile Chico to Los Antiguos.
– With a vehicle: From Chile Chico, only 7 km away.
– Along RN 3 to Caleta Olivia, taking first RP 12 up to Pico Truncado and RP 43 up to Los Antiguos.
– By plane: From Comodoro Rivadavia, by taking a bus that reaches this locality.
– From Río Gallegos, by taking a bus straight to the locality.

Los Antiguos

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