A seaside Lodge surrounded by 360° of pure nature and wildlife.

Bahia Bustamante is located 180 miles / 300 km southwards from Península Valdés. Only in a few places in the world it is possible to find such a number and diversity of seabirds and marine mammals, which is why it has been included in ´Patagonia Austral´ National Park & ´Blue Patagonia´ UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is also an IBAs (Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas).

It is a destination on its own where the guests can algo enjoy unique sandy beaches, a petrified forest of 60 million years, learn about the lifestyle of the first pioneers who arrived here in the 50s, and learn about the seaweed industry, our sustainable wool production.

The food menu is based on seaweed, lamb meat, fish & other sea products, and fruits & vegetables from the organic garden.


4 superior sea cabins (up to 4 adults), 2 standard sea cabins (up to 4 adults) and 5 steppe cabins (up to 3 people).


  • A 4×4 ride combined with trekking to the Petrified Forest (60 million years old)
  • 21 breading colonies populated with 1 to 7 sea bird species each
  • 21 7 migratory, 5 neartic & 2 patagonian species frequent the area
  • The Sea Lions colony on the islands (Otaria Flavescens) reaches up to 4.000 individuals.


  • sailing along Malaspina Cove visiting Sea Lion and Seabird colonies
  • biking
  • trekking in the Peninsula / Rock Canyon
  • 4×4 to Aristizabal Cape
  • farming activities with sheep
  • horseback riding
  • introduction to sustainable wool production