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A seaside Lodge surrounded by 360° of pure nature and wildlife.

El Pedral is a countryside hotel placed in Punta NInfas, which is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, 70 kilometers away from Puerto Madryn city.

The 1923 casona is part of a unique landscape: an endless pebble beach, high cliffs and fauna in its natural habitat…

A stroll as the sun sets, some reading time in the peace and quiet of the house, the wood fire sparking in the hearth and dinner in a cozy and casual atmosphere, they all contribute to the magic of the place.


8 rooms (for 3 guests each), sharing a small hall every two rooms.


  • Small submarine tours (underwater observation)
  • Beach program for the observation of Southern Right whales and killer whales.
  • Swimming pool


  • Guided walk among Magallanes penguins
  • Tour of the Punta Ninfas lighthouse
  • Marine wildlife observation (coastal colonies)
  • Boat trips
  • Bird watching
  • Biking