A journey around eight fascinating spots across the Argentine territory. Which one would you like to visit?

Nuestra Señora del Rosario y San Roque Church – Iruya


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Aug 30th, 2021

A rgentina is home to several landmarks that travelers from around the world may have probably heard of or read about before: the mythical Obelisk on Avenida de Julio in Buenos Aires city, the Iguazu Falls in Misiones, the Perito Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz, or the Salinas Grandes in the north of the country. However, all over the Argentine territory hide some little enchanting villages that not only lie off the beaten track, but also surprise visitors with their quaint beauty.

In this article we would like to share with readers some of the most exceptional. Eight different spots loaded with history, culture and architectural wealth that are likely to captivate hearts, and make travelers change the course of their journey…
Are you ready to enjoy these Argentine treasures?

Sea Lions – Bustamante Bay

San Antonio de Areco

Location: Buenos Aires province, Pampa region

A little over one and a half hour away from the capital city lies San Antonio de Areco, also known as the National Capital of Tradition. This getaway from the city will place you in a different environment in the blink of an eye. This is the place to visit if you seek to discover and find out all about the history, traditions and essence of the Argentine countryside.

This picturesque town became more popular after the publishing, in 1926, of the book called “Don Segundo Sombra” by writer Ricardo Güiraldes, names that you will likely hear throughout your tour around the place, as museums, cultural spaces and even the most famous pulpería (old grocery store) have a story to tell. The story exalts the gaucho tradition and it tells the world about this fascinating spot.

If you wish to get more familiar with the customs and traditions of the place, then we highly recommend you stay in one the many estancias in this village, or otherwise spend the day and enjoy the horseback rides and tales as well as the marvelous pampa itself. Not without a previous stroll around Areco´s main square, the city hall or San Antonio de Padua church.

Estancia La Bamba de Areco – San Antonio de Areco


Location: Salta province, Northwest Argentina

The province of Salta is packed with unique destinations. Its main cities and villages are surrounded by mountains and stunning natural sceneries. However, it is a village called Iruya that will be referred to as “the enchanted little village” in this special publication, given the remoteness and peculiarity of this place.

Located 320 km away from Salta and 2,780 meters above sea level. The rivers Colanzulí and Milmahuasi put its beauty in a frame and the place seems to be nestled in the very mountains that surround it. Its tiny houses made from adobe, stone and thatch, or the iconic Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church are only two of the many features of an exceptional setting that is truly worth visiting.



Location: Buenos Aires province, Pampa Region.

This time we will be travelling to a place in ruins called Villa Epecuén, a village that went underwater back in 1985 after a seiche broke a dam and the dyke protecting the town, a catastrophe that forced its inhabitants to flee the place. What makes it so special? Those who love history, photography and out-of-the-ordinary plans should definitely add Epecuén to their itinerary. The lake here was well-known as an exclusive resort back in the 20´s and compared with the Dead Sea for its mineral components.

A ghost town that speaks for itself: a battle that was easily won by nature. Still, it is possible for visitors, through the ruins, to imagine what this place was like before the tragedy struck on November that year.



Location: San Juan province

This spot seems to have been designed as a getaway from the world, a space to unwind amid a paradise-like natural scenery. The poplar trees “embrace” visitors in Barreal. This tiny village is nestled between the desert of San Juan and the Andes Mountain Range, a combination of landscapes that turns it into an extraordinary destination. It may be reached from San Juan (230km) and from Mendoza (220km).

From there travelers may also visit other destinations in this region of the country, as it is a strategic spot to travel to the little village of Hilario, the rocky formation El Alcázar, Barreal Blanco or the El Leoncito National Park. A poem to romanticism, nature and beauty in Argentina.


Bustamante Bay

Location: Chubut province.

The charm of this site lies in its peculiar history and the genuine contact with the nature of this place. Housed within the Patagonia Austral National Park, the bay offers a one-of-a-kind experience amid a marine and terrestrial paradise, where visitors may enjoy the peninsula with its white-sand beaches and the crystal-clear water in the midst of rocky formations, or sail its calm waters, visit a petrified forest, sight a great many species like penguins, sea lions or whales, and even go on a tour of the Cañadon de la Piedra Parada or trek along the trails in Graviña Peninsula. Bustamante Bay, an enchanting site surrounded by many of the wonders of Patagonia.

Magellanic Penguins – Bustamante Bay


Location: Tierra del Fuego province

Tolhuin is a city also known as “The heart of the end of the world”, a slogan that inexorably carries us to a natural setting that vibrates, inspires and seduces travelers. The city is encompassed by the Andean-Patagonian forest, between the Andes mountains range and the steppe of Tierra del Fuego: the contrast of two landscapes with diverse features that turn Tolhuin into an idyllic destination in Argentina.

The iconic Lake Khami – one of the largest in the planet- lends the place a panoramic view that is second to none. Mount Jeujepen, River Valdéz and San Pablo Cape are some of the other most outstanding highlights here. Yet, what makes this place even more attractive is the wide range of activities that travelers (especially sports lovers) may engage in: cycling, sport fishing, kitesurfing, and ice-skating, trekking or canoeing.


La cumbrecita

Location: Cordoba province

In the middle of the Córdoba´s Sierras Grandes valley travelers will find this fascinating village called La Cumbrecita. The houses, with their Central European style, offer a wonderful contrast with the scenery in this Argentine region. Designed as a pedestrian village with a great logistic for those visiting, La Cumbrecita is a jewel inside Cordoba province, which, over the years, has become a must visit in the region.

La Cumbrecita

Los Antiguos

Location: Santa Cruz province.

We end this article with Los Antiguos, a charming town in Santa Cruz province that is home to unique attractions in our country. Los Antiguos is renowned as the National Capital of Cherries; in the early days of September the farms with their blooming white cherry blossoms are a delight for everyone to behold. From December to March, cherry lovers may savor this local treasure and while they are at it, fall in love with the culture of this place.

This town lies on the banks of Lake Buenos Aires, a lake that is shared with Chile. An enchanting natural setting that coexists with the peace and majesty of its landscapes. In the Tehuelche language “Los Antiguos” – “I Keukhon”- means “a place for the elderly”, a profound meaning indeed, as it acknowledges the value of the passing of time, wisdom and true beauty.

Los Antiguos