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May 31st, 2024


n the last few years, tourism has gone through different changes in terms of its dissemination, mostly as a result of the growing importance given to sustainability, networking, and even the appearance of new figures such as ambassadors, content creators, and influencers. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and in the face of the ever-increasing popularity of social media, creating strong and reliable ties with tour operators has become a priority for the entities working in this industry.

Looking for a tour operator? Argentina On The Go, along with Chile On The Go -its sister company in the neighboring country- boast a team of highly-qualified and specialized professionals to cater for your needs.

DMC Services in Chile and Argentina

Local Knowledge and Consultancy

An amazing team of local professionals and our proven experience of over 10 years operating in both Argentina and Chile have given us the tools to convey the essence of both cultures, their traditions and all those things that place value on our countries and make them some of the most outstanding destinations within Latin America and the rest of the world.

Since the very beginning of our project as an agency specialized in FIT travelers, in AOTG (Argentina On The Go) and COTG (Chile On The Go) local knowledge has been our hallmark. We know that when it comes to B2B services, things gain a different dimension. We keep our essence and that makes it possible for our consulting services to have an added value. We understand travelers, what they are looking for and what may further enhance their trips.

With our DMC service in both Chile and Argentina, our partners can expect genuine expertise and thorough information about destinations, the staff that will be interacting with the travelers, guides, transport, and the conditions of each service provided.

Unique itineraries crafting

Both countries boast an extensive surface area. Each region has its own special features and factors, which makes each route different from the others. During the process of creation of the itineraries, our DMC teams in Argentina and Chile will be able to offer the best alternatives, always allowing for issues like transfer times, climate conditions, among others.

24/7 Contact Support, before, during and after the trip

Both the Tour Operator in Argentina and the Tour Operator in Chile offer guarantees to support travelers before, during and after their trip. This is not an emergency contact, but an assistance and consulting service given to each traveler through WhatsApp, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Who we are. Why should anyone contact us as DMC?


We’ve been in the world of tourism for over 10 years, which is one of our pillars when it comes to perseverance, resilience and evolution. In AOTG we are familiar with the industry and its dynamics. We have had the chance to learn and unlearn in pursuit of excellence. We give priority to quality and the wellbeing of our passengers, while ensuring we provide them with local knowledge, close contact with Argentina’s culture and essence, always beyond the more emblematic options available.

Multi destination solution

Chile and Argentina share a 5,308km long border, which is home to many points where the two countries converge. It was as a result of that that Chile On The Go was created. Based in Santiago city, this sister agency offers assistance and local knowledge under the same standards as ours, which allows for homogeneity in the service and quality of the package travels between the two countries.


The area is led by Julieta Amuchastegui, who boasts over 30 years in this industry and vast experience in dealing with agencies from around the world. What’s more, Julieta holds a Major degree in Sustainable Tourism from the Universidad Miguel Cervantes in Spain, along with a Postgraduate degree in Heritage and Tourism (UNESCO Chairs). Both she and her team will be able to help you with your queries in English, Italian or Spanish.

Julieta Amuchastegui – DMC Manager

Advantages of choosing us as your next Tour Operator

– The chance to find a multi destination solution
– Local and regional Knowledge (Brazil, Peru and Bolivia)
– Assistance and problem-solving capacity with a local team in both countries.
– Over 10 years’ proven experience in the industry.
– Sustainability as an added value throughout the process.
– Support in each stage as a DMC in Argentina or a DMC in Chile
– Newsletters and daily communication on our latest trends, opportunities and products in our destinations.
– Training always available to your teams.