A journey through some of Pristine’s most extraordinary lodgings

Pristine Camp – Salinas Grandes


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March 10th, 2023

T o delve deeper into the world of Pristine Luxury Camps, we talked to its CEO, Carolina Barnetch, who shared some details of each of the different camps of this prestigious lodging, as well as some information about their future projects. Besides the issues related to the best time to visit, the location and the added value of these spaces, today we will be learning about Prisitine’s commitment to sustainable tourism and the main challenges entailed in such an endeavor.

Pristine is an exclusive collection of Luxury Camps in Argentina. They boast the first icon of Vanguard Sustainable Hospitality in the heart of Salinas Grandes in Jujuy, along with two other Luxury Camps, Pristine Iguazú and Pristine El Calafate, which are set to open in August 2023 and November 2023, respectively.

What makes Pristine Camps so special?

Social inclusion, the local culture ( along with that of the native people), and our nature-regenerative policies are among our major aims. A positive impact on nature and society should be the focus of every hotel and tourism enterprise.

Our hotels – luxury camps-, are located in strategic and pristine spots, where nature, the local culture, the purity of the environment and the ecosystems need to be not only safeguarded, but also regenerated. All of this gives rise to our triple impact vocation: economic development, social inclusion and environmental impact. Along with the Pristine Foundation.

Pristine Camp – Salinas Grandes

What motivated the creation of this space? Why in Salinas Grandes?

Many years ago, one of our partners came up with the idea of developing a project in Salinas in partnership with the local community, with the aim of offering a unique product in every respect. We eventually accomplished a strategic alliance with the Cachi del Chincho de Aguas Blancas community, with whom we worked jointly in the development of this venture.

Pristine Camp – Salinas Grandes

Are the environment and the natural scenery affected in any way? What measures were and are taken on a daily basis?

Being a triple-impact business with a focus on sustainability, the preservation and protection of the salt flat are our priority. That’s why our camp has been created in such a way that does not interfere with the natural landscape.

Our state-of-the-art sustainable architecture has no impact on the land where we build our camps, as we always look to safeguard the morphology of the terrain. Our policy complies with the most efficient standards of the hotel industry in terms of waste management, water usage and wastewater diversion systems.
Clean energies: Our first camp in Salinas Grande is 99% supplied with photovoltaic energy, thus enabling the mitigation of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Currently, it is the largest hotel power plant in the country.

Pristine Camp – Salinas Grandes

How can the Camp be reached?

Pristine Salinas Grandes Luxury Camp is located 131 km away from Jujuy and 248 km away from Salta. From Purmamarca, the nearest city, you will reach the meeting point along Ruta Nacional 52, cross Cuesta de Lipan -which is 4170 meters high- up to the Salinas. At the Virgen María intersection, you will need to turn towards Tres Morros. From there you will have access to Salinas.

Pristine Camp – Salinas Grandes

Is it open throughout the year? How many days do you recommend staying?

It is open all year round, except for a month recess in June. Pristine boasts diverse sceneries, depending on the time of the year. From December thru March, the rainy season, one can contemplate a water mirror covering the whole surface, which creates the perfect landscape for amazing photographs. The rest of the year is mostly sunny weather. We encourage visitors to stay at least for 2 nights to make the most of the activities that are specially designed for the guests.

Pristine Camp – Salinas Grandes

What are the different activities offered to visitors in Pristine?

In Pristine everything is designed to make the experience one of a kind. Some of the many options we offer include:
● Visiting the salt pools in the company of a local guide from the community, who will guide you and share their knowledge about the harvest and collection of salt.
● By night, the interpretation of the constellations of the salt flats by the local guides, done in the way the Aboriginal ancestors used to. Our sky is class 1 in terms of light pollution, making the whole experience truly impressive.
● Our guests in Pristine will be able to witness the unparalleled spectacle of a red sun hiding in the salt flats at dusk, and wake up in the heart of a white desert at dawn. In the case of the Premium Rooms, guests will be able to take a relaxing bath in the tubs filled with lukewarm water, while enjoying a glass of champagne.
● Tour to Barrancas, where visitors may get lost inside a natural maze, stop in the Archeological Interpretation Center and have lunch within a unique scenery.
● Tour to Alfarcito, where visitors may get to know an aboriginal village, buy some handicrafts, and enjoy a gourmet lunch facing a flamingo inhabited lagoon (only in the summer).
● Our regional cuisine is a highlight at any time of the day, with exquisite artisanal gourmet dishes made from fresh local produce.

Pristine Camp – Salinas Grandes

Are you planning on opening new camps in other corners of the country?

Our project includes Pristine Iguazu Luxury Camp, housed in the Puerto Bemberg Natural Reserve in the heart of the rainforest and the only lodging on the banks of River Paraná. In this case we will be offering luxury tents and a main house with a swimming pool overlooking the river.

The stay includes all the meals and the beverages with or without alcohol, all of the activities designed within the 400-hectare property and the visit to the Iguazu Falls. This camp is set to open in August this year.

Further south, we will be opening Pristine El Calafate Luxury Camp by the end of this year. It will be the only lodging facing the Perito Moreno Glacier, and it will feature – just like in Salinas – luxurious domes and offer an all-inclusive concept, namely transfers, regional cuisine and a wide range of activities for all tastes.