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Vineyard – Mendoza


Argentina on the go




Apr 4th, 2022

R easons to travel? There are thousands! Getting away from it all, resting, celebrating, and of course, going on your honeymoon. That first journey as a married couple, the beginning of many other journeys together, and surely a very special one when it comes to its sentimental component.

Argentina is not only a destination offering plenty of choices for travelers, but also the perfect place to live a special honeymoon.

It is with a touch of romanticism that we welcome our readers today to this new post on the blog in which we will be elaborating on why this is a country to take into consideration when planning such a significant trip.

Recommended Times of the Year to Visit

Which is the best time for a honeymoon in Argentina? This is a key question when planning your wedding trip. In Argentina the climate hardly ever poses a constraint for traveling. Each season features a wide range of options and enchanting sceneries to ensure a memorable experience.

In summer, Patagonia with its breathtaking landscapes plays the main role and promises visitors a pleasant stay. In fall, the display of warm colors ornaments every corner of the country. Winter gives a magical touch to diverse areas and it is the best time for fascinating activities both in the south and the north of the country. Last but not least is spring, which casts a spell on you and makes you feel as if in a fairy tale.



Naturally, romanticism and a cozy atmosphere are among the main reasons for choosing Argentina as the ideal destination. Sure enough each couple have their own tastes and preferences, but here is exactly one great advantage of our country: its great diversity in every respect.

Argentina features a wide range of appealing options: from its exceptional cuisine and accommodation (which we will be discussing later on) to its myriad of cultural spaces and the many contrasts between the cities.

One perfect companion for such unforgettable experiences is wine. And indeed, in several regions of the country like Salta and Mendoza, they produce some of the best on Earth. The diverse wineries and vineyards along the Andes Mountains offer guests premium experiences which include wine sampling sessions and the contemplation of stunning sceneries while you celebrate a new life in the company of your beloved.

And when it comes to celebrations and indulging in a good meal, Buenos Aires is home to a wide selection of local and international cuisine restaurants, as well as to a variety of cultural activities to make your experience even more special. Fancy yourself enjoying a play in the mythical Colón Theater, wandering around its historical center while appreciating its architecture, going on a tour of its most iconic barrios or simply taking in a beautiful sunset from one of its many terraces.

Vineyard – Mendoza


Argentina On The Go has the know-how and the experience required to turn your trip into a memorable experience. And this is the least you could expect! You are embarking on a life with the person you love, and while traveling around Argentina and its many landscapes you will be recreating what this new life implies: effort, dedication, constancy and the will to move on while holding hands.

Argentine Patagonia is home to the national capital of trekking. Yet, not only in El Chaltén will you be able to hike the most amazing trails in the world, but our country offers adventurers many other regions where to go trekking and enjoy the surrounding landscapes.

Upsala Glacier trekking – El Calafate


Comfort takes center stage, and for good reason! The packages include first-rate hotels which ensure the best services while offering a perfect match with nature.

To the south, Eolo in Calafate, or Explora in El Chaltén, offer facilities in the midst of this far-flung region with the chance for guests to wake up surrounded by dream landscapes, as well as a range of activities to suit all tastes. To the north of our country, there are places like Pristine Camps, which breaks ground with fully-equipped rooms in the middle of the famous Salinas Grandes…where guests become “one with the stars”. Or in Mendoza, where hotels such as The Vines boast a privileged location from which to contemplate the majestic Andes Mountains, while taking pleasure in a glass of one of the best wines on the planet. The perfect host and companion for memorable sunsets…

The Vines – Mendoza