As we all know, every human action has an effect, a consequence that leaves behind a mark. The same thing happens when we travel. We leave behind our trace, we cause an impact.

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Argentina on the go


Responsible travel


Oct 5th, 2020


n Argentina On The Go, our aim has long been to make that impact a positive and constructive one. The aspects involved belong to the natural surrounding…trip development, cultures, local economies, even all those suppliers and services hired. However, it is worth mentioning that the awareness raising initiatives first take place in our agency with every member of the team, since it is not possible to teach what it is not known in practice.

Now, what does it mean to travel responsibly? Or rather, what is responsible tourism for our agency?

– A responsible trip definitely involves an experience, the use of all senses and some learning, always in tune with the responsibility and the respect for the natural and social environment being visited. This belief, along with our service customization, is the working basis for the design of our trips.

Photo: visitargentina – Valles Calchaquies

– Through our communication (personalized service, newsletters, social media, etc) we seek to create a world in the mind of our travelers by appealing to the use of audio-visual testimonial material that is likely to evoke feelings and emotions. We use a descriptive style, colors related to the natural settings (images, sounds, music and texts) that involve our senses and help us come closer to the landscapes, aromas, textures, folklore and traditional flavors of our country.

– The added value of responsible travel lies in the human contact, the kindness of those engaged in the organization and promotion of the trips, as well as in the quality of the experience as a whole. We live in a world in which human beings seem to have been replaced by technology and machines, but we do know that the latter will never replicate the human contribution. In other words, technology should be a complement used responsibly and carefully in order to contribute to the quality of the trips in a comprehensive way. In Argentina On The Go we believe it is vital to keep up to date and proactive in the face of those changes that will favor this travel philosophy.

Salta, Tolar

– The travel itineraries we propose have an additional component that is intrinsically present: the contribution to the balance between the physical and emotional wellbeing of the travelers. This has nothing to do with proposing trips to thermal baths or spa destinations, but enabling people to live unique experiences while visiting such remote and genuine places like the ones found in Argentina. After this “inner” trip travelers will go back home feeling positively transformed and with a new perspective.

– Once the trip is over our clients’ testimony is key to feed back into the experience-based process of our trips. Through customer satisfaction surveys, either written or in person, we nurture the process of contact, creation and development of the journeys by using our travelers’ own experience, adjusting our future work on the basis of the emotions, expectations – fulfilled or not – and ultimately of the overall experience of such trip.

El Calafate

We firmly believe that this is the right way, and it is our desire that more and more travelers become part of this concept. Traveling responsibly implies opening our senses, learning, sharing and respecting the environment. Traveling will not be what it used to be; we will approach it with a new outlook, and we are ready for that.