In today’s post we will be discussing one of the most frequently asked questions:What should I do if something happens to me while traveling in Argentina

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February 10th, 2023

Forewarned, forearmed”. This popular proverb may come in handy when planning a trip to the other side of the world, especially to a destination whose language and customs are totally unknown to the traveler, making it harder to deal with emergency situations of any kind.

Argentina On The Go (AOTG) accompanies travelers before, during and after the trip, which means you will NEVER find yourself alone and forsaken. Travelers are given not only a guideline to use in case of an emergency, but also a contact number to reach the AOTG team, who will help solve any trip-related issue that should arise.

Is travel medical insurance essential?

Definitely yes! Our team will offer you guidance on how to choose the plan that best suits your trip. Going sightseeing in a city is not the same as going on a medium difficulty hike in the heart of Patagonia.The traveler’s safety is our priority, and our over fifteen-year experience helps us make the best decisions when it comes to mitigating and preventing risks.

What about transport?

We have emphasized prevention, and with good reason! Prevention is key when aiming to guarantee the travelers’ safety, and that also includes the transfers from one place to the other. In that sense, travelers may rest assured: our staff of licensed drivers are highly reliable and so are the vehicles they drive, which periodically go through vehicle safety inspections.

For those who wish to rent a car, Argentina On The Go offers comprehensive advice to ensure that the traveler chooses both a trustworthy and responsible agency and the most suitable type of vehicle. Our team’s expertise and unrivaled knowledge of the different routes throughout the country enables us to solve doubts and avoid setbacks in the middle of nowhere.

Valles Calchaquies

Is quality accommodation worth it?

Yes, indeed! A good rest and the comfort provided by the chosen lodging are another way of preventing mishaps. Also important are the access to high quality food and the chance to keep your valuables in a hotel safe box.

In AOTG each route, journey and staff member is carefully chosen. And in the event of a setback, we have an action plan to help us address and solve the problem.

Emergency numbers

Here are some of the main emergency numbers in the country. Please note that each city or town has its own local numbers for some services (e.g. road conditions, etc)

911: National Emergency Hotline
107: Medical Emergencies Hotline
100: Firefighters
103: Civil Defense
142: Missing Children
0800-222-6272: Roads

General Recommendations

– Save the agency contact and the emergency phone numbers both on your cell phone and on paper – the latter, in case your phone battery runs out.
– Road officers, park rangers, the police, among other authorities are identifiable and uniformed.
– Remember to inform your AOTG consultant about your doctor’s recommendations and / or any medication you are currently using so that they may adapt your trip to these.
– Finally, try to follow the advice offered by the guides and experts in each destination. As a traveler, you also have a great share of responsibility when it comes to ensuring your own safety.