Solar Eclipse Base Camp

Experience this total solar eclipse adventure reaching a privileged location along the central axis of the eclipse in Northern Patagonia in Neuquén province, Argentina, on December 14 TH 2020 starting at 11.45 am and finishing at 14.35 pm local time.
Waiting for this special moment in a private spot with all the comfort that your clients need, amenities, gourmet food, premium wines & craft beers.

Day 13 Dec


On your first day you will meet your guide at the Neuquén Airport in order to get your shared transfer to Santo Tomas Eclipse Base Camp located at 145 miles far from Neuquen capital city ( 3hr 30 minutes driving approx.)

Once you arrive at the Eclipse Base Camp you will be contacted by our Base Camp Hosts, who will provide you with the camping kit, show you the Camp and give you all the information that you might need during this program of 3 days. She/ he will be your local contact during your stay at the Camp, ready to answer your questions and help with your needs.

You will also have time to explore this amazing ranch, perfectly located in the middle axis of totality, with day light because in Patagonia in Summer starts getting dark at 9.30 pm. Hosts will introduce the team that will be assisting the Eclipse Base camp during the whole program and invite you with a welcome drink.

Day 14 Dec

Eclipse day!

Today you will presence and enjoy an incredible natural phe

The private field is a cattle breeding ranch, with a surface of more than 10.000 hectares.

Location coordinates 39°51’40.3” S 70°05’42.6” W

Today is D day, after waiting for so long today is our special day, after a long night enjoying the meteor shower we will start serving breakfast at 6.30 am for all those guests that would like to have time
to set up their cameras, chose their personal spot on the field, etc. To provide enough time for them to search on the spot that they prefer.

As the lunch will be served as an outdoor premium meal and will be given after enjoying the astronomical phenomenon at 1.30 / 2pm approximate after the totality. Accompanied by non-alcoholic beverages, premium Argentine wines and Patagonian craft beers. We will be also providing at 11am a second breakfast with fruits, croissants, coffee and tea in order to reduce the gap between the eclipse final phases and lunch time. Passengers could chose having their lunch in any place surrounded by nature or with shade protected in our camp dining area.

Duration of Total Solar Eclipse: 2m 09.4s (2m 09.1s lunar limb corrected)

Day 15 Dec


Today breakfast will be served at 7am in order to be ready to take the transfers at 8.30 am back to the Neuquen airport to board the flight back to Buenos Aires or transfer to the next city where passengers will be continuing with their itinerary such us: Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes, Villa La Angostura or Neuquen capital city.