Traveling comes not only with the chance to visit amazing places and get to know about other cultures.


Argentina on the go




March 29th, 2023

I t also entails responsibility. As travelers, indeed, we must care for the environment and contribute to sustainable tourism. In the wake of the pandemic, the need to insist on this issue grew significantly, and the care for our natural surroundings is now a priority when setting out on an adventure, both for travelers and service suppliers.

How can we travel around Argentina in a sustainable way?

In Argentina On The Go we understand that traveling is so much more than simply catching a flight and going on a couple of excursions. And while we customize each trip to make it unique, we also take care of all the factors involved – tour operators, drivers, accommodation, meals, and so much more.

Farallon de Cabreria – Jujuy


All queries can be made either online and /or by phone, the latter once the itinerary has been settled on. We provide our passengers with online information about the trip through our blog, which constantly provides relevant content and stories- as well as through our digital guides, where passengers can find further information about the destinations, such as curious facts, a selection of recommended restaurants, among other things.

Local knowledge: AOTG’s hallmark

Sustainable tourism covers so much more than the care for the environment. It also includes economic and socio-cultural aspects, as well as conservation and appropriate tourism development. The selection of both the activities and the staff involved in each stage of the trip is thoroughly evaluated to guarantee that it benefits everyone concerned while ensuring the trip is sustainable, safe and has no negative impact on the setting to be visited.


Some of the most desolate corners of our country offer alternatives for travelers from around the world to come and appreciate the splendor of nature while in the comfort of wonderful lodging options. Beyond all that, our agency makes sure, where possible, to build alliances with those sites whose priorities include the care for the environment and sustainable tourism. What elements are considered? The preservation of the natural surroundings, the materials used in its construction and operation, along with the use of natural resources and the relationship with the local peoples, among others.

Iguazú Falls – Gran Meliá Hotel


This way of traveling has a great advantage- not only for its lower cost, but also because it makes it easier for travelers to reach certain areas and to manage their own pace and time. This last benefit, in turn, gives them the chance to visit the different attractions while these are less crowded. Big masses of people in the destinations are not a good ally of sustainable tourism.

Low Season

Somehow in relation to the above-mentioned suggestion, AOTG also offers a wide selection of destinations and attractions during the low season. A wise option that in turn contributes to safeguarding the environment and avoiding the build-up of tourists in the diverse points of interest. Our country is home to so much wealth that even the low season enables visitors to make the most of the different destinations, and as a bonus, admire them in different seasons and from other perspectives.

General features

Throughout the whole country there are hundreds of sites where to implement the practice of responsible tourism, particularly when it comes to the care for the environment and nature. Argentina boasts an impressive diversity which will take visitors to unbelievable settings and arouse in them a world of emotions. Here is when reason must step in with its share of responsibility and thus accomplish the combination of memorable experiences with sustainable tourism practices. Here are a few recommendations:

Farallon de Cabreria – Jujuy


1. Support the local artisans. How? By approaching them and learning about their techniques, methods and, of course, by supporting their activity through the purchase of souvenirs.
2 Waste: Each time you visit a natural setting make sure you do not leave any kind of trash behind in the area. It may sound like a cliche recommendation, but this kind of behavior is still observed. So, we strongly encourage not to litter the place.
3. Please follow the local guides’ instructions in terms of the norms, traditions and any other aspect so as not to interfere or even harm the peacefulness and daily life of the locals.
4. Team up: Always remember you are a key part of this process. If you are traveling with kids, friends and/or family members, you may play an “evangelizing” role and promote the best practices in sustainable tourism among them.