The remarkable wealth of Argentine literature can be discovered not only in the internationally-renowned works of authors like Borges, Sábato or Cortázar, but also in the many bookstores that the city of Buenos Aires is home to.

Libros del Pasaje Bookstore


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Aug 11th, 2023

The capital is, after all, one of the sites with the largest number of bookstores per inhabitant.

In our post today, we would like to share with our readers some of the most outstanding.

Ateneo Grand Splendid

Av. Sta. Fe 1860

Definitely, one of the most beautiful in the world. Mind you, this is not only this blog’s author’s opinion. Ateneo Grand Splendid has been dubbed as such by several international guidebooks, blogs and magazines, and its great beauty is actually confirmed by the roughly one million visitors who drop in every year and enjoy the comprehensive collection of books in different genres and for all tastes.

The best photo? This space features balconies on multiple floors, from which you may capture the most stunning images of this temple of books and get an up close view of the fascinating frescoes painted on the domed ceiling.

And if you wish to give your visit a grand finale, we encourage you to stop by the cafe at the back of the store and treat yourselves to some delicious coffee.

Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore

Falena Cafe & Bookstore

Charlone 201

If you are more into less crowded places, then Falena is the bookstore to stop by. Housed within a brick house with a windowless storefront, this spot offers visitors a peaceful, comfortable and cozily-decorated space where to relax and have a good read while sipping a cup of coffee by day or a spirit drink by night. Please note: every now and then Falena also hosts some complementary activities that include the presence of special guests and writers.

Falena Bookstore

Libros del Pasaje

Thames 1762

We travel now to one of the most fabulous streets in the barrio of Palermo, a pretty versatile area featuring not only quiet spaces but also a super cool nightlife. During the day, Libros del Pasaje opens its doors to both locals and tourists who seek to look around the store or sit in some of the reading corners while tasting some nice coffee and an alfajor.

Its lovely ambiance and the helpful staff help make this bookstore one of the most recommended and visited in Buenos Aires. Its location is also ideal for those who wish to go on a tour of the city.

Libros del Pasaje Bookstore

Eterna Cadencia

Honduras 5574

Eterna Cadencia boasts impressive architecture, over 40,000 titles, quiet reading corners, and a quaint cafe at the back. Unlike the other spaces mentioned in this post, visitors may indulge not only in some infusions or drinks, but also in a light lunch while in the place.

Eterna Cadencia Bookstore

Borges 1975

Jorge Luis Borges 1975

Still in the barrio of Palermo, this time we walk into Borges 1975 Bookstore. Its very name anticipates the ambiance and the quality of the establishment. The charming large window in the reading corner offers a view that connects you with the daily life of the people in this emblematic barrio. In the evening, another sector of the store becomes a bar, and while the bookstore remains closed at that time, visitors may have something to drink and enjoy some performances such as jazz concerts.

Borges 1975 Bookstore

La Librería de Ávila

Adolfo Alsina 500

One of the most traditional and the oldest in the city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina and in the world (still in operation), La Librería de Avila is an invitation to travel in time. Its wide and unique selection including new, rare, used, sold-out and antique books turn it into a must visit. This peaceful space within the noisy center of the city has been listed as a Site of Cultural Interest and the City’s Historical Heritage.

Avíla Bookstore