“Unlimited nature” is the city´s slogan, and this perfectly summarizes the essence of this fascinating destination in the province of Chubut, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

Punta Ninfas


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JuLy 22nd, 2022

P uerto Madryn offers travelers all they need to enjoy a memorable experience. Its nature, beaches, adventure activities and first-class cuisine are only some of the many attractions here.

This southern city has also become a strategic location for those who seek to visit other nearby destinations with breathtaking natural sceneries.

In Argentina On The Go we invite you to come and discover this unique place with all your senses. Here are some of the top things to see and do while visiting Puerto Madryn…

Nature: The Whale as the Great Protagonist

The southern right whale is without a doubt the main attraction in this natural paradise. This impressive cetacean may be sighted from the shore, a unique and overwhelming experience most sought-after by travelers from all over the world. Within a few kilometers from Puerto Madryn lies Peninsula Valdés. This provincial nature reserve, which was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, welcomes the most adventurous visitors who dream of contemplating these iconic creatures from a short distance.

However, dozens of other species will be part of this fabulous tour, like the sea lions in Puerto Pirámides or the orcas in Punta Norte or in Isla de los Pájaros, in the proximity of Puerto Pirámides, which, incidentally, happens to be the main town in the peninsula with access to health facilities, hotels and restaurants, as well as service stations and grocery stores.

Back to the natural wealth of this area, some 188 kms to the south of Puerto Madryn is located Punta Tombo, the perfect spot to see the Magellanic Penguin in all its splendor up close. An exceptional contact with these birds within a natural setting worthy of a film.

It is always best to enquire your agent from Argentina On The Go about the best time of the year to watch these species. They will make sure to provide travelers with all the information needed to make the most of their trips.

Whale watching

Beaches and Viewpoints

In this area, the ocean becomes the focal point in every postcard or photo and the perfect companion along the journey. In Puerto Madryn, the chance to be in close contact with diverse species right from the city´s shores, makes the whole experience truly unique. Whether it is the orcas eating, the penguins guarding their nests, or the elephant seals within their natural habitat, visitors are constantly surprised at the scenery.

Some other options for those visiting the city include: going along Rambla Puerto Madryn to reach the panoramic view of the place; visiting Punta Arco, or the Punta Prismático viewpoint; or simply strolling along the promenade. Paraná beach is another favorite spot among locals and tourists. Further north lies Doradillo beach with its fascinating colors and the warmth of the sea water. Last but not least, in Caleta Valdés, on Peninsula Valdés, visitors may go for a stroll along the different walkways and reach the viewpoints from where to sight the native fauna in their habitat. The place also features a diner and public restrooms.



And for those who love museums, the area is home to a few of these: the Museum of Disembarkation, the Museum of Gems, Rocks and Minerals, or the Historical Museum of Juan Meisen Ebene. We highly recommend a visit to the Istmo Carlos Ameghino Visitors’ Center in Peninsula Valdés, where visitors may find not only information about the local wildlife but also about the culture and society of this region.

Its different rooms- Valdés the Man, Continental Flora and Fauna, Coastal Fauna, Marine Fauna and Historical Geology – further prove that this place is well worth a visit.

The Istmo Carlos Ameghino Visitors’ Center – Peninsula Valdés


Puerto Madryn is the national capital of Scuba Diving: what could be a better place to go diving, either for those who have never done it before or for those who wish to gain some more experience in an extraordinary setting? In Argentina On The Go we may also help travelers arrange such adventure. The Patagonian waters are loaded with history and a special magnetism that is worth experiencing during one’s lifetime.

What´s more, visitors in the area may engage in kayaking, mountain biking and snorkeling with sea lions in Punta Loma. For the latter adventure, we suggest enquiring about the breeding season of these creatures to get a better chance to view them.

snorkeling with sea lions – Punta Loma


The local cuisine combines elements from diverse regions: from the very essence of the sea and the Patagonian meat, along with a mix of flavors, visitors are offered a wide selection of options.

Puerto Madryn boasts top-quality restaurants, as well as chefs with great expertise in the local flavors.

One big must see, for those visiting in late winter (the dates vary from year to year, so it is best to find out in advance), is “Madryn Al Plato”, a local food festival that features food sampling sessions, cooking classes, local farmers’ fairs and the visit to a number of local restaurants.

Regardless of the time of the year, the Patagonian lamb is not to be missed while in this region!


• Puerto Madryn offers a wide range of attractions. For this kind of trip, it is always best to get some advice from an expert and organize each section of the itinerary in advance.
• Please, for the sake of the ecosystem, mind your waste.

• Check the tidal conditions ahead of time.
• For those who are driving, it is best to keep the tank full, to avoid mishaps.
• Find out the time of the year when the different species may be sighted before booking the trip.