It is a true fact that the world of tourism and travelling has been seriously affected by the global pandemic, forcing humankind to a great “travel disruption”. Today it is time to see how to move forward, becoming stronger and more united than ever before.

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Argentina on the go




Aug 31st, 2020


n Argentina On The Go challenges have always been seen as an opportunity to reinvent oneself, to grow and improve, to promote the natural and cultural potential of Argentina, to reassert the company’s values and continue tailoring our packages to suit the new trends and needs.

This is the reason why our team keeps working on a daily basis in order to create new itineraries that agree with the new trends, always aware of the reality that determines our future and that of our travelers.

Below are listed some of the features of our new trip options:

Greater travel independence

A clear tendency in our travel types is the self-drive trips (with rental cars) which, as mentioned in a previous article, offer greater freedom, improvisation chances and independence, making it possible for travelers to get to know more destinations than with conventional itineraries, thus enabling a better contact with nature and the local culture of the place.

Group trips will involve a smaller number of people (not exceeding 10 persons, in the case of AOTG) so as to follow the necessary health precautions in this new travel era and to guarantee a more authentic and personalized experience for travelers.

A higher demand for private services is also expected both for transfers and excursions on destination.

Photo: Mauro Marianeschi – Desierto del diablo

Contact with nature and open spaces

After quarantine, and with the subsequent inability to travel outside the cities, there is bound to be a higher demand for destinations where nature abounds. There is also likely to be a “rebound effect” after such a long lockdown. Being in contact with nature brings about a sensation of freedom and a “respite”, and Argentina can certainly boast countless natural attractions of awe-inspiring beauty.

Photo: Helsingfors – El Chaltén

Conscious Experience and Content trips

Travelers’ sophistication in the last few years has led to a growing demand for unique experiences on destination, something that is expected to increase in the post-Covid era. The new travel types will therefore need to feature a more personalized content, where the professionalization of the industry will be essential.

The new trip options are also prepared to meet the demand for conscious, responsible and sustainable tourism.

Among the aspects to be considered will be environmental preservation, the financial contribution to the local cultures and the reduction of our activity’s impact on these two.

Valles Calchaquies

Sanitary safety as a priority

One condition for our activity in this new era will be the implementation of the official health and safety protocols. For this reason, in Argentina On The Go the service is already being modified accordingly, with a focus on team training, the adjustment of facilities and the inspection in cooperation with the service suppliers on destination (hotels, tour guides, transport companies, etc). The communication with the traveler for that matter will be fundamental throughout the planning process and the trip.

Quotations adapted to the new economic reality

In an unprecedented worldwide economic situation, it will be necessary to tailor our offer to suit this new reality and the new needs and possibilities of our clients, always keeping and giving priority to the quality of service in order to guarantee a memorable travel experience.

This new travel era certainly entails several changes and adjustments, but this should be uplifting. Today, once again, we need to observe the world we live upon with a wish to preserve it, and take ever better care of all those who follow their “world traveler” instinct…

In Argentina On The Go we will be ready and eager to meet our travelers again, in great spirits and with renewed energy to continue providing them with unique experiences in our extraordinary country.