Have you ever dreamed of seeing the faraway lands of gauchos (traditional cowboys from Argentina) and the creators of the Tango? A land full of marvels like the mind-blowing explosion of water that is Iguazu Falls (one of the Seven Wonders of the World), rivers that are as big as seas and the infinite and deserted land of enormous glaciers that is Patagonia… Well, now’s your chance!

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Argentina On The Go




July 25th, 2022

Here’s the good news: the spike in the value of US currency means that anything you could want to do wherever you might be in the world has suddenly become very affordable to do in Argentina.

There are hundreds of bars, restaurants and coffee shops to choose from, both in the mysterious and lively Buenos Aires, with its eclectic mix of neighborhoods, characterized by the city’s history and the lives of its fascinating residents, as well as in the typical establishments of the country’s different regions, where you’ll be able to enjoy exquisite local delicacies. For example, eating in a well-known restaurant in the famous Palermo district of Buenos Aires, such as “La Mar” (The Sea) or “Lo de Jesús” (Jesus’ Place) would, at most, cost $20 – $25 per person. Sitting and drinking a coffee in whichever café takes your fancy, something porteños (natives of Buenos Aires) do every day without fail, would come to a grand total of $2. And to give you an idea how much flying costs, a flight from Buenos Aires to Cordoba can be found for prices as low as $25 – $43.

Argentina is a rich country in many respects (Argentina literally means “silvery” in Spanish), especially in the wide variety of different landscapes and climates it has. These offer a wide range of possibilities for exploring and experiencing something a little out of the ordinary, and given the current exchange rate, these opportunities are now very accessible for tourists with dollars or euros.

You’ve got to admit that it’s tempting! Now more than ever, you can tailor your journey to your every whim. You can finally visit all those special, remote getaways and hidden gems, without worrying about the cost or distance (as transport in Argentina, including domestic flights, is cheap with today’s exchange rate). The dollar is even expected to keep rising until next year, so now really is the time to plan your trip! Over the next few months, this situation will probably mean that the Argentine tourism packages currently on offer will improve even more.

The changes in the US currency exchange rate can make all the difference when choosing where to travel.

If you come to Argentina from Europe or the United States, your money is going to multiply, giving you the chance to visit a country with an astounding natural as well as cultural beauty which can be seen in its landscapes, people and traditions. At the same time, you’ll be able to afford to stay in hotels, go to shows and visit the best shopping centers in all of the country’s major cities.

The legacy of European immigrants which has mingled with the native population’s spirit is manifested in Argentina’s warm people, artistic creations and urban landscapes. This je ne sais quoi expresses itself creatively on the country’s streets, on the fronts of houses and in the common sayings and expressions of artists and Argentinians in general. With its fascinating culture and immense and unforgettable landscapes, Argentina is calling you – how could you say no?