One of the most stunning spots in Argentine Patagonia is in all certainty Bariloche. Its natural beauty and cultural wealth are admired by locals and visitors alike.

Nahuel Huapi Lake – Bariloche


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July 05, 2022

T his city in the south of our country is usually a meeting point for Argentine youngsters who graduate from high school, which explains the locals´ sentimental value for this place. Yet, Bariloche is also considered a unique destination for its chocolate, lakes, mountains, snow, and the magic all around.

The name “Bariloche” derives from the native Mapuche word “Vuriloche”, which translates as “People from behind the mountain”, a meaning which makes more sense as you learn the details about this setting and the different versions of its awe-inspiring natural beauty across the four seasons.

Today we are presenting the top 5 things to do while visiting Bariloche, which will turn into many and varied recommendations for your next trip.

1. Its Lakes

The famous Seven Lakes Tour is without the shadow of doubt the principal attraction in this area. Visitors will get to appreciate not only the most breathtaking lakes surrounding the city, but also the many destinations, viewpoints and natural wonders along this itinerary. Bariloche and its always formidable Lake Nahuel Huapi will be the starting point of this route. Mind you! It won´t be easy to choose one favorite spot. Every single place offers their unique beauty, enticing travelers to extend their stay in each.

Lake Espejo, Lake Escondido, Lake Hermoso, Lakes Villarino and Falkner, Lake Machónico, Lake Lácar: these are the names of the protagonists throughout this journey, which culminates in San Martín de los Andes.

Lake Nahuel Huapi – Bariloche

2. Villa la Angostura and San Martín de los Andes

The area in which the city is located is not far from other spectacular destinations in Argentine Patagonia. This should be the perfect excuse to stay longer than planned. These two cities on the Seven Lake route are worth a special stop.

In Villa La Angostura travelers may explore Port Manzano or engage in a trekking tour to the Arrayanes Forest, and then wander the town´s picturesque rural-like roads. If you seek to discover new lakes in less crowded sites, then you should spend some time in San Martín de Los Andes, an idyllic place with impressive architecture and the finest cuisine.

Villa La Angostura

3. Villa Traful

Driving along Route 237 and taking the turnoff to Route 65 – a road loaded with postcard views- travelers will reach one of the most amazing treasures in the area. A detour from the Seven Lakes Route, this town within the Nahuel Huapi National Park should ideally be visited either before or after such itinerary.

The crystal-clear waters of Lake Traful, the peace and quiet of the place, along with the splendor of the mountains make the long journey here definitely worthwhile. Some other attractions visitors shouldn´t miss while in this town is the Submerged Forest, the viewpoints and the cascades, all of which showcase the power of Villa Traful.

Villa Traful

4. Circuito Chico

Be ready! This tour features quite a few stops, all of which are truly astounding. It will be up to travelers to decide how long to spend in each. The itinerary may start from Port Pañuelo, the Llao Llao Hotel, San Eduardo Chapel and Villa Campanario, to then explore the Llao Llao Municipal Park, where visitors may appreciate the Cerro Capilla or the Bahía López Viewpoints, Colonia Suiza and numerous trails leading to hidden beaches from which to take in, from different perspectives, Lake Nahuel Huapi and Lake Perito Moreno.

Llao Llao Park – Lago Moreno

5. Cerro Tronador

Here is yet one more must-see attraction while traveling around Bariloche. We are talking about Cerro Tronador, whose name refers to the actual sound you hear as the ice calves off the glaciers. This mount lies in the southern area of the Andes Mountains and it separates two of the most outstanding National Parks in Patagonia: Nahuel Huapi in Argentina and Vicente Pérez Rosales in Chile.

Departing from Bariloche, along the iconic Route 40, travelers will be able to admire Lakes Gutierrez and Mascardi on their way. Once on Route 82, and surrounded by the splendor of nature, they will eventually arrive in Pampa Linda, the last stretch before reaching the base of the mount. Once in the Ventisquero Negro, visitors may witness how this glacier descends from the Tronador, putting on a display of its supernatural power.

Cerro Tronador

Bonus: Additional Recommendations

Tea Houses: Here tea houses make fantasy stories even more vivid. And while feeling as if they were inside a fairy tale, visitors will be able to savor some of the many traditional delicacies in the region: beyond the variety of teas, the confectionery and desserts take center stage. We highly advise checking the opening times and days, as well as booking ahead of time, as these spaces are very popular with both locals and visitors. Some of the most recommended include:

– Salón de té Hotel Llao Llao
– Casa de Té Arrayán (San Martín de los Andes)
– Casa de Té Paila-Co
– No me olvides
– Bellevue