As we introduce readers to the many treasures of Argentina, we look to – through words and photos – convey all that our eyes can see on the horizon, all that makes us fall in love with our land, as well as that feeling that encourages us to shout from the rooftops that we will never tire of discovering its countless wonders.

Ibera Marshlands


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Nov 26th, 2021

Gradually, the borders are opened and the dreams of traveling regain momentum. For this reason, today we would like to present a tour that seems to be taken out of a fairy tale, and that is likely to delight and surprise you at every corner of the route. In this post we will be “sailing” along the most stunning attractions in the provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes, Misiones and Santa Fe, knowing that you will surely fall for this region.

We are talking about the destinations on the tour of Mesopotamia: the Iberá National Park, Moconá Falls and the Iguazú Falls. However, we will also be describing another tour bearing the same name, which was developed following the pandemic and which seeks to open new roads for travelers from all over the world.

To that end, we talked with Gastón Rondonotti – President of the Tourism, Hospitality, Gastronomy and related industries in the city of Federación – to better know and understand this Argentine region, find out about its customs and traditions, the wealth of this place, and learn about what can be discovered here and in the neighboring towns. The tour of Mesopotamia grows with the strength of its ancestors and the valuable cultural legacy it represents. We will start with three of its protagonists:

Map: Tour of Mesopotamia

Iberá National Park

Unique contact with nature” could be a suitable phrase to briefly define this place. This 700,000-hectare reserve offers its visitors a wide range of enjoyable activities: hiking, rides on a kayak, boat, or canoe, bird-watching with a specialized guide, horse rides and even night time safaris. There is something for all tastes! What is more, in this natural setting you will be able to sight very special wildlife such as yacarés, marsh deer, anteaters, howler monkeys, among others.

Given its vast extension, this park offers several access routes. If you wish to get a general view of the landscape and make the best of your visit, in Argentina On The Go we will provide you with all the professional guidance you need to do all the activities as smoothly and pleasurably as possible.

Ibera Marshlands

Moconá Falls

Within the Moconá Provincial Park lies one of the most spectacular geological faults in the world. The Moconá Falls have different heights, depending on the time of the year and the river flow (between 3 and 8 meters), along with an unparalleled beauty.

The mysticism of this place involves nature´s decision to let you tour it or not. How come? The access to the park depends on the height of the Yabotí Creek: if this is low enough you will be able to get in; otherwise the park will ban the access to it.

Moconá Falls

Iguazu Falls

Words are not enough to depict the magnitude and power of the Iguazu Falls. Besides the main attraction, visitors here will be able to enjoy the Rainforest Eco-friendly train, the Green Path, the Lower and Upper Trails, the famous Devil´s Throat circuit (featuring the highest fall with 82 meters), the Macuco Path and even a “full-moon ride”. For those who seek adventure and a little thrill, we strongly suggest doing the nautical safari or boat ride that will take you right under the falls.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Iguazu Falls are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. That´s right, of the World! These 250 falls amidst the rainforest are second to none. The chance to view the falls from many different perspectives will be a constant surprise for visitors.

Iguazú Falls

Apóstoles, Misiones, Yapeyú and Federación

The proximity between these picturesque towns, along with the warmth of their people and the unique attractions that will bring you close to the traditions of this area and outstanding national products such as yerba mate, turn this new route into a promising option.

Gastón Rondonotti explains that through this alliance they endeavor to promote this itinerary and the union of the provinces, as well as each of the tourist potential sites- such as the Route of the Yerba Mate, Cuna de la Patria, the hot springs and many others- which can be reached through National Route 14.

But, what makes this area of the country different from the rest? The way they complement each other, their vicinity among each other. Gastón highlights the significance of the historical and cultural legacy of this region, whose route was traveled by our Liberator General San Martín.

The President of the Tourism, Hospitality, Gastronomy and related industries in the city of Federación talked about the multiple joint projects led by these municipalities: “This is not a little-known destination, but rather a destination that has been hardly promoted. We have come together to bring out the best of each, looking to enhance our products and combine them, so that we achieve a well-crafted product that is sure to be liked.”


Bonus Stop!

For those who seek to unwind and relax during their adventures, we highly recommend Entre Ríos´ thermal baths. Different areas of this province offer options for a well-deserved break: Victoria´s Thermal Baths, Federación Thermal Baths, Gualeguaychu Thermal Baths, among others. Besides, travelers have the chance to engage in a tour of the Route of the Yerba Mate, in which they will learn about this Argentine traditional product and the natural wealth of the region.

Route of the Yerba Mate


“We shouldn´t fail to mention our freshwater fishes (Dorado, pacú, surubí). Our citric fruits and honey create our characteristic flavors. Our cuisine is centered on traditional flavors”, points out our guest today. Thus, if you are still doubtful, the dishes of this region will be the final motivating push for you to tour these sites.


Where to Stay

Gran Meliá Iguazu

Housed within the Iguazu National Park, this hotel offers a great variety of restaurants and amenities that ensure the comfort of its guests. The most outstanding feature is the chance for guests to wake up in a place laden with magic, charm, nature and breathtaking views.

Gran Meliá Iguazú

Puerto Valle Hotel de Esteros

With views to the fascinating River Paraná, this hotel will further enhance your visit with a memorable and unique stay, full of the things you need to be in permanent contact with nature, always in the comfort of its facilities.

Puerto Valle Hotel de Esteros

El Pueblito Iguazú

This eco-friendly hotel, whose environmental policy has turned it into a landmark in our country, features 32 rooms amidst a setting laden with magic and nature. Its location enables the access to diverse attractions in the area.

El Pueblito Iguazú

Amerian Portal del Iguazu

While traveling around this natural wonder, you should stay in a lovely place that matches and enhances this natural wealth while offering services for the whole family and a strategic location to know the area.

Amerian Portal del Iguazú

Rincón del Socorro

This site planned for preservation was created by Douglas Tompkins´ foundation, “The Conservation Land Trust”. This natural setting is closely linked to the Park´s history, the care for animals and the natural wealth. From here, visitors may take in the wonders of this paradise.

Rincón del Socorro

Puerto Bemberg Lodge

Those who seek a deeper and more natural experience will be able to choose this lodge in the middle of the rainforest. It is surrounded by trails, rivers, vegetation, typical fauna and falls.

Posada Puerto Bemberg