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Argentina on the go




February 24th, 2023

W hen planning on a new trip, videos, along with other audiovisual materials, may come in really handy. Yet, the written word is still what most travelers worldwide fall back on when looking for a source of information or some supplementary data.

In Argentina On The Go we understand this dynamic and provide future travelers with useful information not only through our blog, but also through our features in some of the most renowned international travel magazines. Both of these sources aim to share with the reader some local knowledge, recommendations and guidelines to assist in the design of their future adventures.

National Geographic Traveler

In May 2022, Argentina On The Go had an outstanding participation in the printed edition of this celebrated magazine. On that occasion, with Patagonia as the protagonist.

Naturally, we cannot help but feel very proud of this unique opportunity to reach adventurers across the planet by means of such a world-class magazine, a fact that further guarantees the team’s broad professional experience.

National Geographic Traveler

Lonely Planet

Through a special feature on Northern Argentina, the name of our agency also reaches this acclaimed travel guide. We are infinitely thankful for this priceless space to introduce readers to the country’s great diversity and its treasure troves. To this new vote of confidence from a prestigious magazine, we endeavor to respond with absolute commitment towards the visitors who dream of making their dreams come true when coming to Argentina.

Magazine Lonely Planet

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As we mentioned at the opening of this article, this space offers precious information about Argentina in a variety of formats: curious facts, recommendations, stories, interviews and so much more.


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