Argentina reopens its borders: From when and what do I need to enter the country?

Feel like visiting Argentina? As of next November 1 2021 foreigners will be allowed into our country. On this blog you will find all the details about this measure, along with the requirements, restrictions and recommendations that you need to learn before you start planning your trip.

In the morning of September 21, the Argentine authorities announced, among other things, the reopening of the borders to foreigners. The Health Minister, Carla Vizzotti, and the Cabinet Chief, Juan Manzur, unveiled the conditions of such measure.

Since when do the borders in Argentina open?

The first step will be taken with the opening of the borders as of October 1 for neighboring countries (Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay). Those coming from other countries will be allowed into Argentine territory as of November 1. And though the opening will be gradual, this decision guarantees a safer stay.

What do I need to enter the country?

– Health or Travel insurance with coverage for Covid-19 related expenses (the insurance policy must indicate such coverage. Otherwise, a confirmation by the insurance provider must be produced).

– The electronic affidavit for travelers must be filled in before entering the country. Find the form here

Covid-19: Our flexibility program for all new bookings

Planning a trip nowadays can be really rewarding, giving you- among other things- the chance to book flights and accommodation at a much lower rate.

We know that the current situation calls for the security and flexibility that only an operator with a solid know-how and a reputation for excellence may offer. With that in mind, in Argentina On The Go we have created the “Travel Flexibly” program, a risk-free plan which gives travelers the peace of mind to organize their next adventure with the knowledge that they may make any necessary changes to suit the circumstances.

  • For new bookings made between January 1st, 2022 and January 31st, 2023 with departure dates prior to June 30th 2023, you may cancel your booking up to 30 days prior to departure, in the event of a COVID-19-related reason*, with the benefit of a full refund without cancellation fees (excluding flights) and with a simple email request.

*at home or in your travel destination (such as local restrictions of government, restrictions to re-entry to its country of residence)

  • Between 30 days and departure date: you´ll be able to postpone the trip without fees (excluding flights), receiving a credit toward future travel valid through March 31st, 2024; that credit is non-transferable and non-refundable and will be applied as an offset to the new booking cost. All other standard terms and conditions apply to the booking. Where suppliers do not allow postponement or a refund, we will only pass on charges where they are applied. Certain flights have to be paid for at the time of booking and will be non-refundable, in which case we will mirror the applicable policy of the airline.