If you are planning a trip to Patagonia, this article will come in handy for you. On this ambitious adventure you will need to be prepared to deal with extreme temperatures. That is why we have come up with a thorough check list for you to make your holiday as much trouble-free as possible.

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January 03, 2021

W hen it comes to the most suitable outfit to wear in this breathtaking region, your health, welfare and comfort should naturally come first. In today’s post you will find a list of the best garments and accessories to pack when going on a trekking tour in awe-inspiring Patagonia.

What are you faced with?

To begin with, you should bear in mind that the hikes tend to be lengthy and they start early in the morning (to avoid setbacks), which means you will need to make a considerable physical effort. Whether you are an expert or not, at some point during your journey your thermal sensation will vary and you will be confronted with sudden changes in temperature. For this reason, we do recommend dressing in several layers.

Please note that you will need to deal not only with the high and low temperatures, but also with the wind gusts, the rain and the diversity of trails.

Here are the basic elements to carry on your adventure:

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The very first protective layer for your skin will be the sunblock. You will be out in the sun at diverse temperatures, thus the skin on your face, neck and hands should be adequately protected. There are moisturizing lip balms that you could also carry with you.

As far as the clothing is concerned, we recommend you wear a thermal vest and thermal pants. This kind of garments is designed to keep your body warm, which makes them essential. Over such items you should put on a T-shirt, a sweater, or a polar sweatshirt, depending on the time of the year: the colder the weather, the warmer the fabric of this second layer should be.

What you shouldn´t lack is, of course, the last and most important layer. That is the jacket to keep you warm in extremely low temperatures. This tends to be bulky and heavy, but will help you confront the severe weather conditions. If possible, also carry a windbreaker jacket or an anorak. On your legs we recommend wearing waterproof mountain pants, which will offer better mobility and comfort.

Theory of the three layers for trekking

Additional items

Their smaller size doesn´t make them less important. If you are going to be out in the snow, we recommend you carry some gloves (preferably waterproof); for photography lovers there are some specially designed so you can handle your phone without taking them off. Besides, consider packing scarves and neck bands: there is a wide selection of colors and textures, they are handy, protect you from the wind and the cold and have several uses, all of which make them really worth carrying with you.

Last but not least, we would like to add the hats – which will protect your head and ears from the cold-, and some thermal socks- the first layer on your feet, which are responsible for taking you around this dream place.

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And speaking of feet….Of course! Footwear is the icing on the cake, that one detail that will wrap up our kit for a trip in the mountains. Make sure that it is extremely comfortable, specially designed for trekking, waterproof and of your like.

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The Backpack. What to carry in it.

Considering that you will be a “walking suitcase” with all those layers of clothing on you, would you add much more weight to your backpack? Of course not. You should travel light and only carry what is really necessary.

– Snacks like chocolate, nuts, fruit or a sandwich.

– Water: Not too much. Remember you will be able to refill your water bottles during the journey as there is safe drinking water on the way.
– Basic first aid elements: pain creams and medicines, band aids, nail clippers.
– Plastic bags to bring back with you the waste you dispose of during the trekking tour.

Trekking in the Perito Moreno Glacier

More Tips!

– Check the weather before each excursion.
– Put on sunblock, two or three times during the journey, whether it is sunny or not. Remember that very cold temperatures may also injure your skin.
– If you are planning on camping the list will be much longer. Make sure you get a good rest, arrive early and carry the necessary food with you.
– Most importantly, enjoy the weather and each stage of your trip.