“When God molded Ushuaia Bay, He was creating one of His greatest masterpieces. The splendid combination of canals, mountains and woods gives one the impression that the Supreme Creator chose Ushuaia to leave a deep message of His wisdom to human race. Its cold yet not severe climate confers greater enjoyment of the place”. We have chosen this wise quotation from Arnoldo Canclini in his book “Así nació Ushuaia (This is how Ushuaia was created)” to present today´s post.

Cerro Cabras – Tierra del Fuego


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June 16th, 2022

LThe southernmost city in South America is located in the Tierra del Fuego province, and it is worthy of a host of stories related to its geography, inhabitants and hidden beauty. Choosing Ushuaia implies stepping out of your comfort zone to travel to a remote destination and discover unique sensations every step of the adventure. Here the weather, the food, the dwellers, and even the ancestors will have something new to tell visitors. A fascinating experience that appeals to all senses.

Classic landmarks in Ushuaia

Here are some of the most famous landmarks in Ushuaia. They are especially valuable for those who long to visit them one day as well as for those who have already visited and cherish their memories of it. The Beagle Channel, the Strait of Magellan, the Train of the End of the World, or the iconic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse….Welcome to the adventure!

The Beagle Channel and the Les Eclaireurs Lighhouse

Right there, at the southernmost tip of the world, travelers will be able to take a trip back in time by navigating along one of the passages connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Why “back in time”? Given the area´s geostrategic importance, this has been historically a hotspot for writers, navigators and hundreds of adventurers.

Passengers may take the journeys on board different kinds of vessels and appreciate this captivating historic site in person.

We go on sailing along the bay to eventually approach one of the most emblematic picture-postcard attractions in the area: the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. This brick-built tower stands tall on top of one of the islands facing the city. Passengers may sight it during navigation along the Channel. However, getting the chance to contemplate it up close will give them a new perspective, and even more so in the company of local guides with their detailed accounts…

Don´t forget to take a look around: wildlife is there to surprise everyone!

Faro Les Éclaireurs

Train of the End of the World and Tierra del Fuego National Park

The stunning views of the Park and the history of this means of transport in Ushuaia come together to create a magical combination. On board the train travelers will be able to experience first-hand the journey that prisoners used to take many years ago. The River Pipo, the Cascada de La Macarena, the tree cemetery, and the impressive forests of lengas will be some of the many other attractions on the way. A real must-do excursion for those who seek to learn about the area and while at it, make the most of this charming city in Tierra del Fuego.

The Tierra del Fuego National Park is responsible for the conservation of some of these treasures in the south of the American continent. This is the perfect setting where to feel the power of nature and let one´s mind reach places it has never explored before. If you have had the chance to travel around other areas in the south of Argentina, be ready to find that Ushuaia is an entirely different destination.

Tren del Fin del Mundo

Penguins on Island Martillo

If you happen to enjoy getting in contact with the locals, then this is the place to visit. Though instead of humans you will find the “kings” of the place. During summer and springtime, this island becomes a meeting point for penguins, a special colony in the country, as they come here to nest and take care of their chicks.

To experience this unique contact with nature and the ecosystem, there are supervised and guided visits. We suggest you consult with one of our Argentina On The Go agents to ensure your space well in advance.

Pingüinos Isla Martillo

Trekking to Laguna Esmeralda

This is surely one of the most spectacular sceneries in Ushuaia. The name of the lagoon gives us a hint as to its dreamlike color, which is beautifully framed by the vegetation and the mountains all around. The medium-difficulty trekking tour is 9 kilometers long and it takes roughly 5 hours along a well signposted trail laden with lush nature.

Trekking Laguna Esmeralda

Lago Fagnano and Lago Escondido

Driving from Ushuaia along Route 3 travelers will discover two unmissable lakes. Lago Escondido (Hidden Lake) and Lago Fagnano. The former, as its name suggests, lies a long way from the road, though not far from the top places you must visit while in this region of our country. Its color shades and the natural surrounding will simply win your heart. Further on, the majesty of Lago Fagnano will be the grand finale of this memorable trip. Two diverse perspectives in spite of their proximity.

Lago Fagnano

Low-difficulty trekking tours

Within this reserve visitors will discover a variety of circuits to engage in, as well as the presence of numerous species along the trails, such as the Falkland Thrush, the red fox, the Magellanic Woodpecker, or the Kelp Goose. As for the low-difficulty treks you should consider: the island hike along the trails that border the coastlines of Rivers Lapataia and Ovando; the viewpoint hike which goes through the forest park while bordering Lapataia Bay, offering a stunning panoramic view; and last but not least, the hike to Laguna Negra, which features a trail of lower difficulty that will lead you to a lagoon to the south of Lake Roca.


– Summer (between November and January) is definitely the ideal time of the year to visit this region. Yet, the fall and the spring seasons have their own unique appeals and both offer milder weather conditions to those who plan on going on the different hikes.

– Bring in suitable clothing and comfortable footwear. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure your comfort.

– Contact our agents in Argentina On The Go and enquire about the trips combined with Chile to make the most of your visit.

– Carry cash with you (Argentine Pesos) at all times. Even when the city provides for all you may need, it is always best to play safe.