Art has always been center stage in Mallmann’s life, with music and literature as his major sources of inspiration to craft his dishes. In our post today, we would like to take our readers on a “tour” of this master chef’s legacy, passion and culinary temples.

Francis Mallmann


Argentina on the go




July 31st, 2023

I nternationally renowned, Mallmann has worked in restaurants across the globe. However, it was in the city of Bariloche that he started to shape his distinctive culinary identity, which relies on the use of local flavors and fire, all amidst idyllic natural settings.

When asked what makes Argentine “asado” so special, he points out: “We Argentines love getting together for a meal. Perhaps during weekdays we may be in a bit of a rush, but we are always eager to meet. And weekends or holidays are ideal to gather around a table”.

“We value the effort of meeting per se, whether it is for a loaf of meat or potatoes with olive oil. We take enormous pleasure in eating, chatting and debating (…). I don’t think beef (asado) plays any different role in that sense. It’s more to do with our idiosyncrasy, our essence. We will always get together, because that is what we most enjoy, regardless of the presence of asado”.

His own words and cuisine are a true reflection of that, turning him into one the top chefs in the continent. Mallmann, unlike most of his peers, has earned his reputation not only through his experience in prestigious restaurants, but also thanks to his versatility and his wish to “live in constant movement” across different cities, environments and facets, always with food as the main language.

He owns his own island in Patagonia, where he offers exclusive food-related experiences to visitors. He actually replicates this kind of activity in Scotland, Uruguay, and many other parts around the world.

So, where can we find his restaurants?

Ramos Generales

Roque Sáenz Peña 5516 – Vistalba

Based in the province of Mendoza, within the Kaiken Winery, in Luján de Cuyo, Ramos Generales was chosen by TIME Magazine as one of “The World ‘s Greatest Places”. The glorious beauty of the surroundings and the delicious wine served further exalt this space.

Ramos Generales – @kaikenramosgenerales

“Francis Mallmann 1884” in Godoy Cruz (Mendoza)

Belgrano 1188, M5501 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza

Still in Mendoza, this time in Francis Mallmann 1884. This excellent eatery was listed as one of the “50 Best Restaurants in the World” by the Restaurant 810 Magazine (year 2003). Every corner of it boasts superb decoration and personality.

Francis Mallmann 1884 Restaurant – @1884restaurante

Siete Fuegos

RP94 km 11, M5565 Tunuyán, Mendoza

Its name defines its style, with fire as the main protagonist in the kitchen. Inspired by the country’s roots, this establishment serves rustic and passionate dishes, as well as one of the best barbecues in the country.

Mendoza is one of the paradises that Francis Mallmann has chosen to share his talent with the world.

Francis Mallmann

“Patagonia Sur” in La Boca, City of Buenos Aires

Rocha 801, C1166 CABA

Nestled within this emblematic barrio in the capital city, Patagonia Sur is just an example of how this fabulous chef endeavors to connect with the location. The ambiance along with the exquisite food options guarantee an enjoyable time. For those visiting Buenos Aires this is definitely a perfect plan, especially if their itineraries do not include any of the other locations above mentioned.

“Cooking with fire, lighting a bonfire … .this is just like love making. It may be intense, strong, or it may develop gently, among ashes and coal chunks” (Francis Mallmann’s quote)

Patagonia Sur Restaurant

Bonus option! Siete fuegos Cooking Summit

When? From Sept 14 thru Sept 18

A new edition of this successful summit will be held in Mendoza this year. This is an amazing opportunity to come close to the Master Chef’s knowledge and essence, while learning about his cooking technique first hand. A fascinating journey across the very best of the local cuisine, featuring not only Francis’s dishes but also the honorable presence of Wine Expert Mariana Onofri.

With a capacity for 40 people, this sensory experience includes the extraordinary Andes Mountain Range, activities, a spa, the best of Argentine wine, and so much more. For further information or if you wish to save your place in this amazing experience, please contact one of our consultants.

Francis Mallmann


If you would like to include one of these restaurants on your itinerary, you may choose a 12-Day Argentina Tour package and combine it with other cities in the country. Make an appointment with one of our consultants, who will help you with any queries you may have.