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March 27th, 2024

F or over 120 years, the Michelin Guide has been responsible for highlighting the best restaurants worldwide. One star was added to the Argentine National Soccer Team’s shirt, and when it comes to food and cooking, some of our restaurants have been awarded one and two stars, respectively. After a thorough examination, the experts made their decision and here are the ones selected to be part of their renowned list.


Two Michelin Stars
Vicente López 1661. Buenos Aires

eighteen-course dinner created from local produce. “We’re greatly excited, filled with total joy. This is the result of our hard work and effort, our love (..). It was a dream for me, something unexpected”, claimed the chef during the ceremony.

Their carefully elaborated dishes, the elegance of the place, along with the kindness and politeness of the staff, are among the aspects most praised by visitors. A culinary experience through their seasonally fresh food.

Gonzalo Aramburu – Instagram Photo: @arambururesto

Zonda Cocina de Paisaje

One Michelin Star
San Martín 1745. Mendoza

We travel to Mendoza, one of the cities boasting the prestigious stars. Zonda Cocina de Paisaje has proudly joined in the selection. The ingredients from its orchards pay tribute to the food of the region within the rustic ambiance of their dining room.
“I take pride in our team. Our proposal starts early, with breakfast for visitors, a visit to our organic orchard to be followed by a cooking class, which closes with a several-course menu paired with great harvests from the winery”, shared Chef Augusto García on the official website.

Zonda – Instagram photo : @zonda.lagarde

Casa Vigil

One Michelin Star
Videla Aranda 7008. Mendoza

Led by Chef Ivan Azar, Casa Vigil was one of the other restaurants awarded by the renowned guide. Its wines are the perfect complement for a first level culinary experience. “We are an enormous team, the star belongs to all of us. There 36 chefs and over 150 employees on our team, and each of us has worked our guts out towards this historic accomplishment”, stated Azar.
This establishment lies in an emblematic area for the culinary culture of the country, given its achievements in enology. Here visitors may connect with literature through the architecture of the place, with the food for its taste and premium quality, as well as with the natural wealth surrounding Casa Vigil.

Casa Vigil Restaurant – Instagram photo: @casavigil


One Michelin Star
Guardia Vieja 2898. Vistalba, Luján de Cuyo.

We are still in Mendoza. This time to learn more about the talented Chef Mariano Gallego, leader and model within this culinary space. Brindillas features a tasting menu, and two types of menu in which surprise plays a central role. This restaurant opened its doors back in 2005 and, since then, it has developed its unique identity. The dishes served here are a combination of ingredients from across the country with Mediterranean and Asian cuisines.

Brindillas Restaurant – Instagram photo: @brindillasrestaurant


One Michelin Star
Sarmiento 765. Mendoza

Our tour of the prize-winning restaurants in Mendoza comes to an end with Chef Sebastián Weigandt’s Azafrán. In this establishment, the main goal is to transform local ingredients in textures that challenge the conventional. What can you expect? Innovation, quality and a memorable experience. Its extensive menu is divided into two options, the Azafran Walk ( a four-course menu) and the Azafran Expedition (a seven-course menu). A real culinary journey for the palate!

Azafrán Restaurant – Instagram photo: @azafranresto


One Michelin Star
Murillo 725. Buenos Aires

We fly back to the capital city to learn about Trescha,a place filled with originality, elegance and plenty of talent. This space not only was awarded one Michelin Star soon after its opening, it also boasts the youngest chef in Latam to ever get one. At only 25 years of age, Tomás Treschansky sets the trend and becomes established as one of the most outstanding chefs in the continent.

“Many say that gourmet cuisine is dead and that the several-course menu doesn’t work anymore, but I believe that is totally untrue. Gourmet cuisine, in my opinion, is a synonym of signature cuisine. It may be more or less luxurious, but there will always be a cuisine that seeks to create a premium product in the hands of a chef who gives their personal touch to it”, claimed Treschansky in an interview with El Pais.

Trescha Restaurant – Instagram photo: @trescharestaurant

Don Julio

One Michelin Star
Guatemala 4699. Buenos Aires

Led by Chef Guido Tassi, over many years this establishment has remained among the favorites of both locals and travelers. Its prestige, know-how and contributions to Argentine cuisine turn it into one of the must-visits on the list. When it comes to beef, Don Julio is always present.

“We dedicate this to all those people, both in the country and abroad, who love Argentine barbecue, and we thank the Michelin Guide for this huge acknowledgement, not only of our restaurant, but also of our culture”, they commented on their social media.

If you would like to learn more about this restaurant, you may read one of our other posts, in which we had the chance to interview Guido Tassi.

Don Julio Restaurante – Instagram photo: @donjulioparrilla

Do you fancy eating in one of these prestigious spaces? You may contact one of our operators and include it on your list.